What I Hope To Read March 2023

What I Hope To Read March 2023

Afternoon all~

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Welcome to a new What I Hope To Read post! This time it is time for March releases? Where did February go? HEllo?

February was pretty great! Health-wise not so much, haha, currently writing this on the 20th and I have a headache + I am coughing. So yeah. But other than that? Didn’t mind February. It featured my birthday (WHOO) which I celebrated with my hubby who took me to a military museum (such pretty planes and cool tanks) + took me out to dinner. We also got a new (second-hand car) as our old car was just too old and not doing well. It was not really in the planning, but with the APK being as it is, it was needed. Then there was also Valentine’s Day, which we celebrated by ordering food + making a fun and adorable LEGO set, I gifted him some cute matching glasses + baked a yummy brownie for him and he got me a gorgeous necklace and pretty earrings. Libraries were visited, walks were walked, we searched for a dog but so far no luck, I baked plenty and am about to buy a new baking book for new recipes, we build some LEGO sets, and reading-wise it was a decent month~

Did I read any of the new releases from last month? Um, no not really. Amazon is just really pricey + not all the books have yet been released as this posts goes live for March’s releases. And the Dutch books I have been waiting for the library to get them, but that always takes a while. I do have one book that I am going to be reading soonish, Fairy Cakes in Winter, I was able to get an ARC!

I got some fun English books to look forward to this month! Hopefully Amazon allows me to get them this time. crosses fingers

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