Book Haul March 2023

Book Haul March 2023

Hey all!

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A happy welcome to a new Book Haul post! Here are the books I bought in March.

It was a good month for new books! I decided to continue with Crave again, this time in hardcover as there is just zero news about paperbacks. is sad And I found some other great English books. But one of the happiest surprises was a Dutch book by Mathilda Masters and Georgien Overwater, one of my favourite writers and one of my favourite illustrators. About tapirs, about secrets, and tons of hilarity.

Plus, check out my Kodansha-free-vol.1-promotion haul, I got a ton of manga to read. Haha. It feels good to have such a backlog of manga, they are perfect for reading slumps, and for many other reasons. So I will be slowly going through them.

Have I read all the books? Haha, no. I did read 5 of them (the ones on the bottom and the How to Survive Without Grown-ups + Wow in the World). I have been in a few reading slumps. My library TBR is a bit too high. I am just too tired. But I will get through them! Eventually. XD And I don’t mind it at all that I got a bit more on my TBR than normal. Given how I feel at the moment I could use a nice storage of books.

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March, TBR, Reading, Books, Book Haul

March 2023, reading, books

Book List, Emoji, CuteCovet by Tracy Wolff
This Time It’s Real by Ann Liang
Adventure Mice: Otter Chaos! by Sarah McIntyre, Philip Reeve
Exit 13: The Whispering Pines by James Preller
She is a Haunting by Trang Thanh Tran
The Secret of Ragnar’s Gold by Mark Dawson
How to Survive Without Grown-ups by Larry Hayes, Katie Abey
De eerlijke vinder by Lize Spit
Obi en Tito Tapir by Mathilda Masters, Georgien Overwater
Tired & Tested by Sophie McCartney
Vampire Baby! by Zoe Persico, Elias Barks
Effin’ Birds by Aaron Reynolds
Lambing Time and other Animal Tales by Julian Norton
Wow in the World: What in the Wow?!: 250 Bonkerballs Facts by Mindy Thomas, Guy Raz, Dave Coleman
Nuclear Winter, Vol.3 by Cab

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