Friday Face Off: 17-3-2023: The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Friday Face Off: 17-3-2023: The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


Welcome to a new Friday Face Off! It is weekend! YAS!! sleeps

This week I was thinking if I was going to do this one or something else, I have been so tired lately because of my dear puppy (who is behaving, for most, like an angel, but also has some devilish sides XD). So I was just browsing Goodreads see if I could get my mind to decide on what to do, and then I came across this cover and here we are~ The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. I wasn’t such a big fan of the book, it just didn’t click with me and there were other things as well. But it does have some fun covers and I do love a good book cover! So here we are! I hope you are all ready for this one~

I also added the Hebrew cover which is the mirror version of the green edition of the book. It was a real mindtrip because I was like, wait is it the same? Or not? But yeah, it is the same, just mirrored. Love that!


What is Friday Face Off? It’s a memepost created by Books by Proxy and now hosted on Books and Travelling by Lynn! It used to be that she would post a list of a topic and you would find covers, but these days you are free to pick a cover of your own that has a lot of editions and feature them on your blog~

πŸ’•My Favourite!πŸ’•
The Inheritance Games #1 The Inheritance Games Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Young Adult, Inheritance, Games, Family, Love Triangle, Romance, Key
I am picking the Hungarian (Γ–rΓΆkΓΆsΓΆk viadala) edition. It looks quite similar to the English green cover, but yet different and I love it. I also love the background, which makes the gold item look like a lock or something special settled there on the wall! Second place is the chess one, the Portugese edition. I also love the colours with that one.

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