Friday Favourites #9: 3-3-2023: Green Book Covers

Friday Favourites #9: 3-3-2023: Green Book Covers


A happy welcome to a new Friday Favourites! Spring is coming, or well, I guess one day. brrrrrr Today I am showing you all Green covers!

I thought I would do read book again, but haha, it was pretty hard to find some green covers in what I read. So I also checked out my other shelves and VOILA! Green covers. It is not really the weather yet for spring, but I am definitely hoping and looking forward to it. But first, next week we will be getting rain, cold, and a dash of snow. Yup.

This week I got 4 books from my read shelf, 2 from my OMG need to buy shelves (kindle and physical) and one book that is on my TBR.

Let me know in the comments what you think of my choices and what you would have picked~ Also, how is the weather over at everyone’s places?


What is Friday Favourites/Favorites? Each week you get a prompt and you can select a number of your own favourite books that fits that prompt. There doesn’t seem to be a limit on the books, I see people doing 4 and some doing 10 or more. As for me I think 7 is a nice number, so for each of the Friday Favourite prompts I will show you 7 of my favourites in that genre!
If you want more information + see the prompts, check out Functionally Fictional’s intro post!

Warren the 13th and the Whispering Woods, Tania del Rio,Will Staehle, Green, Adventure, Magic, Fantasy, Children's Book
Delightfully Deadly #2 Defy or Defend  Gail Carriger, Steampunk, Spy, Adult, Novella
Patricia Wants to Cuddle  Samantha Allen, Romance, Reality Show, Monsters
Butt or Face? Kari Lavelle, Humour, Animals, Non-Fiction, Butt, Googly Eyes, Funny
Chapter Book Series Dr. Wangari Maathai Plants a Forest Rebel Girls, Children's Books, Green, Plants, Nature, Africa, Inspirational, Woman, Plant, Tree
Martha Maps It Out Leigh Hodgkinson, Green, Girl, Maps, Cute, Fun, Picture Book
Animal Opposites Nikolas Ilic

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