Kodansha Manga Haul (from Google Play)

Kodansha Manga Haul (from Google Play)

Hey hey!

Welcome to a BIG BIG haul, and this time not a Library nor a Monthly haul, oh no, I plundered my Google Play manga list. XD

So, I love love Kodansha and always look forward to their new Humble Bundles. Lately though, they have been doing a promotion for free manga up on Kobo, Nook, Book Walker, and Google Play. Normally just a series or 5, sometimes just focussing on a theme. But this time. This time they went BIG. A lot of sales, but also 225 first volumes of series for FREE. YES, you read that one correct indeed, for free. See their Twitter here. Of course, this girl cannot let that slide and had to go on Google Play (and well, Book Walker as Google Play just sucks with finding books). And here we are. I shared what I got on Twitter, but I thought it would be fun to also post it on my blog for the readers who don’t check my Twitter/aren’t followers/or just miss out because Twitter is a garbage fire lately. I had to move a review to May (teehee) but that is definitely worth it, because I need to share!

In total I got 80 manga to read. PHEW! I definitely won’t be reading them in one go, these will probably be for book slumps, when I just need a fun manga, or whenever I am somewhere and just not in the mood for my current book I got with me, but am in the mood for manga.

Without further ado, here is my haul. drum rolls

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