Library Haul ~ 18-3-2023 (Library #2+#3)

Library Haul ~ 18-3-2023 (Library #2+#3)

Hey all!

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A very happy and book-filled welcome to a new Library #2/#3 haul! A week earlier, but next week we got a puppy and we didn’t want to go to a big busy place that soon!

So that meant that I still had a couple of books at home from Library #2 (12 to be exact) and had to DNF some from Library #3 because I just wasn’t in the mood. Whereas Library #2 has a limit of 60 books, so 12 books at home or even a couple, isn’t bad, Library #3 just has a 12 book limit. So I want to make the most of that.

First up was Library #3 and I found books quite fast. At the ground floor with the new releases I quickly found 7 books that I just couldn’t wait to start reading! And then it was up to the other floors, the children’s/YA department and the comic/GN near that. Where I kept finding books. Haha, it was a delight to just be able to throw books in my bag! Though… it did mean that one of those 7 books I found at the ground floor… had to go back. Because I had hit my limit. I made a picture of it, so I know to look for it next time. Well, the next time that I don’t find books that easily. Haha. It is fun to have some books on a list, because it really varies what you can find. Sometimes it is like this week or last time I went and you just keep finding, other times it is harder.

Next was Library #2. Which had 24 (!!!) reservations waiting for me! Yes! It was a great thing, I have missed having so many reservations waiting for me. Since I still had space for more books I decided to walk through the library. And there I kept finding books. Up to the point that I got 53 books at home. Which also means that if I want to borrow from Library #4 (which I do thanks to the subscription on Library #2, yay for gastlenen) I can only borrow 7 books. Oh well, I was just so excited that I didn’t even notice until I borrowed the books and I don’t mind it that much. Next time I will keep a better track on it, for now I was just too happy that Library #2 had so many fab books for me! It’s been long!

So, I got a ton of books and I am so excited. I got so many fantastic books I cannot wait to read, like the comics or graphic novels, but also the 3rd book in the Royal Horses series. And then there are all those fab looking picture books! EEP! does a happy dance

STATS: 41 books at Library #2 (pictures 2 and 3 and 4), 12 books at Library #3 (picture 1)!

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Ciao Charly by Annette van Zuijlekom-de Zeeuw
Barones der doden by Britt Zwijnen
April by April van der Bijl
Little Book of Balenciaga by Emmanuelle Dirix
Little Book of Hermés by Karen Homer
Borsten by Bette Westera, Nancy Vo
Extra Large by Roel Smit
Starbarz TM by Michiel Offerman, Ger Apeldoorn
Dead Life #1 by Jean-Charles Gaudin, Joan Urgell
Jagen op Ramirez #1 by Nicolas Petrimaux
Jagen op Ramirez #2 by Nicolas Petrimaux
Walls by Laura May Todd

Foodies by time to momo
Hondenparade by Ryan O’Meara
Sporty by Melanie C
Easy Asian Cooking by Xian Heinrich
Koloniale Oorlog 1945-1949 by René Kok
De bizarste beesten ooit by Tim Flannery
Zeeboek by Charlotte Milner
Op ontdekking in het bos by Emily Bone
Briljante planten by Geert Jan Roebers, Margot Westerman
Groene Planeet by Leisa

Verschrikkelijke spookpaard by Kris Humphrey, Pete Williams
De kroon en de nacht by Jana Hoch
Dichter #21 by various authors
Het duistere doolhof by Alastair Chrisholm
Miljonairskind: het verborgen eiland by Ilona de Lange
De dode die niet werd gemist by Corine Hartman
Moord in het kattencafé by Cate Conte
Obsessie by Jet van Vuuren
Shotgun wedding by Lucas Hirsch
Een onverwachte wending by Lauren Kate
Volg je hart by Anne Mateer
Rechercheur de Klerck het duistere web by P. Dieudonné
Rechercheur de Klerck en het duivelse spel by P. Dieudonné

De vijf #3 by Nataël, Béja
De vijf #4 by Nataël, Béja
Prinses Simone #4 by Robbert Damen
Hoe vang je een regenboog? by Naomi Jones, Anna Gomez
De muis met het open huis by Jonathan Stutzman
Niet doen! by Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick
Hoe kom ik op de maan? by Uknown
Een beetje veel by Olivier Tallec
Kermis in de nacht by Gideon Sterer, Mariachiara Di Giorgio
Wacht nog even! by Britta Teckentrup
Koosje heeft een speentje by Ellen van den Berg
De drie broertjes bok by Mac Barnett, Jon Klassen
Voor altijd dichtbij by Elvis Peeters, Yule Hermans
Als je toevallig een dinosaurus hebt by Linda Bailey
Vogel Vliegop by Julia Donaldson, Catherine Rayner
Het kleine eiland by Smriti Prasadam-Halls
Poep in de dierentuin: De dinopoep-eiland by Steve Smallman, Ada Grey
Ik ben genoeg by Jessy Humann

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