Library Haul ~ 4-3-2023 (Library #2+#3)

Library Haul ~ 4-3-2023 (Library #2+#3)


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A happy welcome to a new Library #2/#3 haul! It was high time for me to get some new books!

I am keeping this short, I am writing this one on Saturday eve around 9pm after A LONG day of libraries…. plus visiting a puppy!! YES! See more on Twitter or my TBR Updates coming in a few hours~

First up was Library #3 and DANG they had all the books I wanted. Haha. I just kept throwing in books. In the end I had 7-8 books in my bag and I hadn’t even left the ground floor (with all those pretty releases). After that I went upstairs and picked up more books. OMG, this was just such a fabulous haul, and I even found out that they had a book in their collection that I wanted, sadly, not in the right language as that one is loaned out, but I will definitely be getting that one next~ And I just love how with the Paul photography book you just know which Paul it is about (Paul McCartney).

Next was Library #2 with 12 reservations waiting for me. I had expected that I wouldn’t find much there, they have had a disappointing amount of new books lately. But in the end I found several of my not-yet-found reservations + some books that seemed really interesting (including one that I had been meaning to read, hello Splinter Chabot). In the end I had to do some tetris so everything would fit.

I cannot wait to get reading~

STATS: 12 books at Library #3 (picture 1) and 28 at Library #2 (pictures 2 and 3)~

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Het jongensuur by Andrea Burnier
Rotterdam Wederopbouw Stad by Nai010 Uitgevers
Oekraïners op zolder by Marianne Janssen
A Three Dog Problem by S.J. Bennett
New Beginnings at the Little House in the Sea by Chris Penhall
The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon
Stoverij met frieten #2 by Marc de Bel
Just Got. Real by Jane Fallon
Met vlag en wimpers by Karin Bloemen
Grote Vincent van Gogh Atlas (Junior Editie) by Nienke Denekamp, René van Blerk
Recaptioning Congo by Sandrine Colard, Fiston Mwanza Mujila, Jean Bofane
Paul by Harry Benson

Dat boek met die bananen by Erik van Os, Jan Jutte
Life of Pie by Kim Schilte
Prachtige taarten by Unknown
Assassins Creed: Origins #1 by Anthony Del Col, P.J. Kaiowa
Assassins Creed: Origins #2 by Anthony Del Col, P.J. Kaiowa
Kleine otter en de nieuwe baby by Claudio Gobbetti, Diyana Nikolova
Ik hou echt niet van de winter by Fiona Barker
De zeemeermin die alleen maar tosti’s lust by Unknown
Krak de Krokowil by Bart Van Puyenbroeck, Jessica Raes
De B van Balotje by Yvonne Jagtenberg
Monster nummer 10 by Manon Sikkel, Daniëlle Schothorst
Juf, wat voor haar heb je? by Kamalia Talhaoui, Natascha Stenvert
Mortina: Een ijzingwekkende verrassing by Barbara Cantini
Willewete: vogels by Sanne Ramakers, Merel de Vink, Marjolein Hund
Keizers van het ijs by Nicola Davies
Een kleine geschiedenis van de mens door dierenogen by Joukje Akveld

Opa astronaut by Brigitte Minne, Leen Huysmans
Lieke turnt op tv by Ineke Kraijo
My Hero Academia #13 by Kohei Horikoshi
Spelenderwijs je pup opvoeden by Cindy Schwering
Val voor jou by Tijan
Friends like these by Meg Rosoff
The First to Die at the End by Adam Silvera
Koraalrif by Suzanne Vermeer
Tien dagen Tinder by Rachel Elisabeth
De telefooncel aan de rand van de wereld by Laura Imai Messina
Caffè Amore by Nicky Pellegrino
Als de Hemel genoeg ruimte heeft by Splinter Chabot

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