Review for Alice and the Nightmare, Vol. 1

Review for Alice and the Nightmare, Vol. 1

Alice and the Nightmare, Vol. 1 Michelle Krivanek , Isabelle Melançon, Alice in Wonderland, Retelling, Magic, Fantasy, Suits, Girl, Red, Dreams, Jabberwocky, Awesome, Graphic NovelA wonderful amazing retelling-ish of the Alice in Wonderland stories!

There was a fun sale at Hiveworks Comics and I decided to buy a couple of ebooks/graphic novels. This is one of them and boy I had to have it. I love the Alice in Wonderland stories and retellings, especially a tad darker and more mysterious? Sign me up.

Alice was such a fun and interesting character. We see so many sides of her, but for most she is just a lovely and sweet girl who does her own thing and is kind and friendly. I loved how hard she studied and how dedicated she was to have a good time at the university/school. I loved that Alice was chubby. I hope that this doesn’t sound wrong, but we definitely need more variety. Not everyone is thin, skinny. Plus, I loved her dresses/clothes, they were all so fun and I just want that one that is on the cover!

The twins? Dum and Dee? I LOVED those two. Mainly because they REALLY reminded me of Kaoru and Hikaru! In how they acted, how they talked, how they looked. Everything screamed Hitachiin twins to me and it just made my day. I hope to see more of these two in the next volume or maybe they could get their own graphic novel? I would absolutely love a full story with just them!

The nightmares, we see that it is very important and that apparently Wonderland (+ Looking Glass Territories, yes, loved that these were also mentioned) were almost destroyed because of nightmares, and especially the Jabberwocky. We read how these kids will be trained to defeat nightmares. To defeat baddies. I really loved the nightmares. I mean, not in the way of yay, destruction, but more that I just love a story a bit more if everything isn’t just hunky dory. I like it when we have just a dash of darkness. Something to fear. Something that should be defeated. We also see that Alice is having something around her. Lurking. Mostly in her nightmares, but we also get to see in the simulation thing that something is there. A darker Alice and boy, you definitely don’t want to meet that Nightmare Alice.

I love that oneironauts (I still cannot for life pronounce that) gather energy from dreams and try to protect humans from nightmares.

I loved the anchors and what it means. And that there are various places to get it to pop up in. From less rare places to Alice’s ultra rare place, her eyes.

We also read about suits and the racism/bad stuff that come from it. How Diamonds are treated like shit because they are, according to the Wonderland stuff, in the last place. They have their talents, but apparently people don’t care about that much. How Hearts are second in line and so treated with a ton of respect, as we can clearly see many times.

I loved Edith and Alice’s friendship. Even if they have to keep it low-key due to how people react to a Diamond and a Heart being together. Which just broke my heart because these two were just such good friends.

I am still so very curious about many things! About the magic items and how they draw in Nightmares. How the school was started. What Alice her secret is that she herself doesn’t even know (I mean, I can think of a few things given the original, but I have no clue if those are correct, because after all this is a retelling). Why she has to drink these horrible and disgusting looking potions each day. What is up with the queen. And some others. I hope that in next volumes we get some more clarity! That would be fantastic.

The art in this book was gorgeous, I love love the style.

All in all, I hope that my review made sense, haha, this was just such a good book and I really enjoyed it. Dark + light + awesome with fantastic characters and tons of magic and questions. I love the lore that we get presented. I would definitely recommend this one!

Star rating, 5 stars

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