Review for Angel and the Paper Trail

Review for Angel and the Paper Trail

Angel and the Paper Trail, Makenzie Hice , Natasja Horne, Friendship, Shy, Picture Book, Children's Book, CuteA strange note, a boy who is alone, and classmates who help him figure out the note. Very heartwarming story!

Meet Angel, or Arthur as he is called in the Dutch edition a name I find way better because I don’t know, a kid named Angel? So I will be calling him Arthur in this review. Arthur is a lonely boy. He recently moved and still has no friends. He likes his classmates, but he is very very shy. I just could so relate to the boy. You want to make friends.. but you don’t know how or how to start it. So I was delighted when he asked a classmate if they could get a book from him, and what a move that was because it let to a wonderful and fun adventure as they try to figure out who left that note in the book! I loved seeing the group grow and grow. From just one boy and Arthur to new friends each time. I loved how each new girl or boy would have an idea where to go next. I loved seeing them accept Arthur and Arthur having a great time with them! It was really sweet and I loved the search. I was hoping that they find the person… but will they? I won’t tell!

I had a laugh at the ending because AHA, so that is it. No, again, I won’t tell you. But I can see what happened here. And I loved what our group did back. That was just so sweet!

I am so delighted for Arthur, I hope he and his new friends will have a grand time together. Solving more mysteries, playing together, and more.

The art was also just a delight. It was very pretty and I love the style~

All in all, I would highly recommend this book about friendship, finding courage + a fun mystery.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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