Review for Christie and Agatha’s Detective Agency #2: Of Mountains and Motors

Review for Christie and Agatha’s Detective Agency #2: Of Mountains and Motors

Christie and Agatha's Detective Agency: Of Mountains and Motors  Pip Murphy ,  Roberta Tedeschi  , Children's Book, Twins, Mystery, Fun,  Historical Fiction, Car, Mountain, ScotlandThe second book in this delightful series and this time we are going to Scotland, ride a car up a mountain + more!

In this one the twin sisters are going to Scotland. They got the opportunity to see a spectacular show! Someone named Henry Alexander Jr. is going to take a Ford car up the Ben Nevis, the biggest mountain in Scotland/UK. Yep, we get another historical event, though moved to the 20s. Yes, I was curious and found out that the event took place in 1911, not in the 20s. Yes, I went to read more about this event. I think I heard about it as it was vaguely familiar, but not enough. And while the story lists all that happened + some extra mystery/fictional parts, I wanted to see that car reach the mountain in real life, so photographs and the likes. I really loved that this book teaches us about a big historical event, just like the previous one.

In this one we get mostly the spotlight on Christie. Whereas the previous book was all about Agatha, this one is all about Christie. She gets some amazing, especially for a girl in the 20s, opportunities. Like helping out Alexander or driving the car. I just adored that Christie was allowed to help out, I was already worried that Alexander would be that kind of adult, but he was really kind. And I just adored how quick Christie learned the controls and was driving that car!

And then there is a dash of mystery. Because someone is sabotaging things. Is it the annoying man who keeps promoting the railway and making harsh remarks on American cars? He is very sus. Or is it someone else? It was a great mystery and I had fun figuring things out. In the end I thought there would have been two suspects!

The illustrations really completed the book and made it even more fun to read!

All in all, a really fun book about these twins and I cannot wait for their next adventure! Which, because I am writing this late January, I will probably have read by the time this review comes up. XD I just cannot wait much longer~

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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