Review for Community

Review for Community

Sometimes We Ran #2 Community Stephen Drivick, Face, Zombie, Horror, Scary, Humans are badThe second book in the Sometimes We Ran series, and this time tons of bad humans, more scary zombies, and a happy ending?

Of course as soon as I finished book 1 and had my review ready and waiting I bought the next book in this series. This one! I just had to continue reading.

Where in the first book we mostly saw zombies and a few shitty humans in this book we get a ton of shitty humans. Starting with our duo getting captured, I would call it that at least, when they get kind of stuck on the highway filled with zombies. Followed by those people following them throughout the book. We meet some cannibals (which had me retching). And I am sorry, but that girl (whose name I already forgot because I disliked her so) from the community was horrible. I get that you are worried and make sure that things are fine. But all she did? I just wanted to yeet her to the zombies. Her best friend was a bit better, but also not that much. There were just too many horrible humans for me. Geez. People, just work together instead of this.

Thankfully, we also have a pretty kind community of people (well I wasn’t sure about them at first but I grew to like them). So that made things a bit better. I really loved that this community was trying their hardest and even went to look for the future ahead of them.

And there were many scary parts with zombies. Because John and a few peeps from the community will have to rescue a doctor. But will they get there with all the zombies? Especially the red-eyed ones who are getting smarter and smarter with each month passing? I loved that we found out a bit more about the virus/whatever happened that made it all happen. That was a pretty big shock. I was definitely thinking like John. That things would be fine. But now? Mmm. Not so much.

I was a bit sad that Claire wasn’t always on the road with John, but I am still happy we got to follow John and all the scary things he experienced.

The book ends on a happy note and I was pretty confused. Don’t get me wrong, I was very happy with the ending, but there are two more books in the series and this felt, to me at least, like it was the last book. I am not entirely sure if I want to continue the series because for me the series feels done. We got a happy end. Things got tied up. Things are fine. Things are good.

As said in the previous book’s review, I am still weirded out by the age stuff. How John is old, despite being in his 40s and that is not old. One of my friends is there and believe me, he is not old. How john treats Claire more like a daughter or a kid rather than the adult woman she is. Yes, there is 20-ish difference between them, but why focus on that so much? It just felt weird and off. I just never saw them as daughter/father, I just saw two adults trying to traverse the difficult world with zombies and shitty humans.

So yeah, this will be the last one for me. At least for now. It was a good book though at times a bit frustrating given all the humans and the crap they do.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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