Review for Fairy Cakes in Winter

Review for Fairy Cakes in Winter

Fairy Cakes in Winter by Lane Hayes, Romance, LGBT, Grumpy > Sunshine, Baking, Baker, Cake, Dual POV, Man, Fairy Cake, PurpleI received this book from the publisher/Gay Romance Tours in exchange of an honest review.

😊 I loved the baking and all that Scott baked. So good! I want to visit his bakery!
😊 I also wanted to bake some yummy baked goods, like cupcakes or cinnamon rolls, but well… it was 3/4 am in the morning, not happening. 😆
😊 Reading about Bath, or well, I never been there so I cannot say if it is accurate, but I did love the small town vibe and reading how Theo and Scott were walking around small streets and visiting cafes and such.
😊 Scott was a fun character to follow and I loved his drive to get this baking done right. I loved that he tried new things and allowed Theo to help him out.
😊 Seeing Theo help out Scott with bringing some life in the bakery, which was also a bit odd, because why wasn’t Scott doing that on his own, but hey. I loved seeing the bakery get more popular and that everyone knew to find it. I wish I could visit! I would definitely want to eat something, well, provided that I can given my allergies.
😊 The cover!
😊 That we get some backstory on both characters.
😊 I loved that we got an epilogue.

😶 About the baking. I did find it odd that he baked everything without any help. I mean, hello, if you are up from 3 am to 10 am to just bake bake bake, I would at least get some assistance. I know for me that this would definitely destroy the fun I have in baking.
😶 Theo. I am sorry but Theodore… is ANNOYING. He just keeps on yabbering and talking and chatting and I just wanted him to shut up. The way he talked also didn’t help. At times he sounded like a guy in the now and other times he used big words and felt more like a fancy person from the 1800/1900s and at other times he just felt SO much younger. I really struggled through the first 20% of the book because he just kept going on and on and didn’t even seem to know some basic stuff.
😶 The instalove, I am sorry but it just didn’t work for me. I am not a fan of that.
😶 Not to mention that while I did see some sparks, for most I just saw two horny guys. And that is also what I saw in the rest of the book. Two guys just lusting and going at it like bunnies. It was just not my thing.
😶 While Theo’s mom was OK for most, at times I found it odd how she treated Theo, more like a child than an adult. Plus, at times her trying to get her son to be with Giles was a bit like, mum, please. He is 29 years old, he can find a hot date himself.
😶 39 is not OLD. I am getting very tired of adult stories going on how thirties and forties is OLD. And how death is nearing. Boo, these days us humans live until we are in the 80s, sometimes 100s, so you are not nearly anywhere old. On that mention, how Scott acted towards Theo’s age was also a bit weird. Yes, he is 29, he is not a baby or a kid, because that is how the text at times came across. Like, OMG he is 29. OMG, so young.
😶 Despite that we read that a week has passed or even a month… I just didn’t feel that in the writing. It just felt very rushed and at times I was confused at how fast things were going.
😶 While I loved the sex scenes, I was a bit uncomfortable at times with how submissive Theo was. Everyone his or her thing, but yeah, it felt a bit weird.
😶 And I am sorry, but I just finished the book around 7 hours ago, and I really have to have a think about what I want to say in my review, which normally only happens when I have read a book and it took me days to finish. So the book isn’t really that memorable. Sadly.

All in all, there were some good things.. but sadly the 😶😶 things took over.

Star rating, 2.5 stars

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