Review for Final Impression

Review for Final Impression

Final Impression Haruki FujimotoThree sexy stories, one big and two shorts. Another one from the Yaoi Humble Bundle!

I still have several Yaoi manga from the Yaoi bundle a few months ago and thought it would be fun to read one. I got all the time to read now with my vacation (December 22nd to January 3-4th), so whoop whoop~

The first couple gets 4 chapters and I wasn’t sure how I felt about them. The blonde guy really just lets people walk over him, he is just given blowjobs to his childhood friend .. I still don’t know why. Not like both of them were enjoying it, at least that is how it seems. And the way the black-haired guy treated the blonde one was just so cringe and so toxic that I was just hoping they wouldn’t get together, but of course they do. sighs Such a shame. I would have way rather seen the blonde guy find a cute guy who appreciates him and likes him. And not that he sticks around with this guy because they are childhood friends and oh yes he had a crush a long long time ago.

With the second story I was confused for a moment because the guys looked REALLY similar to the two in the first story. I was like, wait, are we back again? But no. This is a whole different pair. XD I did like the couple, though the whole owner/dog, not my thing. It just felt weird to me. But good sex scenes and I really grew to like them. I loved what one of the guys did when an ex (who deserves a punch in the nuts) came by.

Next up a sexy bartender and a guy who is wondering about his feelings (is he gay, bi, or something else) and the bartender doesn’t mind helping out. XD It was cute and the sex scene was nice. I also loved how it ended.

And the last one is a short one about the grumpy dude from the first story, it was nice, but my feelings didn’t change. Still don’t like him. Would have rather had a short story about one the second or the third couple!

The art was a bit weird at times and the guys looked way too similar. But the sex scenes were drawn pretty nicely.

All in all, while the first couple wasn’t really my cup of tea, I did like the other two couples.

Star rating, 3 stars

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