Review for Penguin Parcel

Review for Penguin Parcel

Penguin Parcel Victoria Cassanell, North Pole, Cute, Picture Book, Friendship, Family, Penguin, Polar Bear, Adventure, Journey, TravellingAn enormous adorable book about a Polar Bear searching for a friend, but there is more!

I got this book from Library #4, I just had to have it based on the cover alone. I mean, LOOK AT THAT, so cute! So adorable! I am happy that all my libraries are taking an effort to add more English books to their collections.

In this adorable book we meet a Polar Bear who has everything a polar bear can wish for. A lovely igloo, a beautiful space around it filled with beautiful views and more. But he is missing something, a friend, a pet, someone to talk to and to make his life a bit better. I loved that he just magically found that ad in the newspaper he was reading and I laughed that the option wasn’t your normal pet, oh no, it is a cute little penguin! I loved the scenes afterwards with them having a great time, but I knew that something was up. Polar Bear didn’t see it, but then again, he was probably so excited to have someone with him that he didn’t notice. I would have probably done the same if I was him. But the hints are there and I wondered how long it would take for this happy scene to get a bit more dramatic.

What follows next both made me smile and cry a bit because I just felt for both Penguin and Polar Bear. But I am also so so proud of Polar Bear and what he thought was the best solution. Not many would go those lengths, but Polar Bear is and I loved seeing their adventure/journey and the ending just made me both cry and laugh. Yes, this book was a rollercoaster of emotions and I love that. I hadn’t expected that!

The art was just so cute, so adorable, so sweet, so pretty! You just want to cuddle with the animals.

All in all, I loved this book about friendship, finding someone to care for and someone to be your family, and it was filled with gorgeous art. Recommended.

Star rating, 4 stars

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