Review for Sweat and Soap/Ase to Sekken, Vol.2

Review for Sweat and Soap/Ase to Sekken, Vol.2

Sweat and Soap, Vol. 2 Kintetsu Yamada, Romance, hug, spice, sex, cute, humour, family, relationship, mangaThe second volume and things are heating up! Love love it!

In December I was able to buy a boxset of the first 6 volumes of the series! I already was hoping to continue this series but English manga is SO expensive that at times I just cannot. But this boxset was nicely priced so here we are! After almost 4 years (read the first volume in April 2019), I could continue this story!

In this book we get A LOT! Asako is trying to enjoy her relationship with Koutarou while also fielding off insecurities, worries about work finding out, figuring out how relationships work. I could definitely understand it all. We know she hasn’t had the easiest time as she sweats a lot and isn’t always smelling the best. But here is a guy who thinks that she smells sexy and fine. I love it and I love seeing Asako open up more and more to Koutarou, but also change bit by bit outside of that. I loved that she also becomes a bit more daring. Kissing Koutarou in public. Dragging him to that love hotel. And I loved seeing her care so much for Koutarou, coming to visit him when he is sick, spending the weekends at his place. And even asking him for things. It just made me smile as I really love these two characters and would just love them to be together forever!

I also loved seeing them explore the relationship and figure out things. Plus, get to know each other more. From happy smiles to what a drunk Koutarou is. XD It was adorable!

I am not sure how I felt about Koutarou’s assistant. On the one hand she was cute and sweet, but on the other hand… I didn’t like how she just wouldn’t give up on figuring out things.

I had SUCH a big laugh at Asako’s brother. Yep, Asako has told her family, or well her mom and her brother. Her mom was totally excited.. but the brother well, he was so protective, but he meant it all in the right way. I loved what he tried at the restaurant when Koutarou and Asako visit. From giving Koutarou an Italian menu to glares to more! I did love how at first the brother was all, NO you are not worthy and probably just after something to Oh, she really likes you and we even get some backstory. He will still be a bit wary of Koutarou, but I guess that is logical given that Koutarou is dating his precious sister. XD

And I also liked that some people are sus or know about it. But aren’t pressing more. That makes me very happy because I was worried a few times on things. Especially after that trip with the company. I do hope that Asako and Koutarou can tell people and enjoy their relationship more freely. I get why they are hiding it, but I feel that telling people is better as now they have to worry and be sneaky.

I am also happy that this manga doesn’t shy away from sexy times. Koutarou and Asako have some sexy times in this book and I just love it. I have read a lot of manga featuring adult people dating but it isn’t often that we get to see them go further than kissing.

All in all, a fantastic volume that really gave us so much! Sexy times, silly times, cute times, I loved seeing Koutarou and Asako get closer and really get into the relationship. I cannot wait to read the next volume. Well, haha, by the time this review pops up I will probably have read all the books in the boxset, after all, I am writing this one early February. XD

Star rating, 5 stars

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