Review for The Hot Cross Bunny

Review for The Hot Cross Bunny

The Hot Cross Bunny by Carys Bexington, Mark A. Chambers, Picture Book, Easter, Holidays, Fantasy, Magic, Fun, Children's Book, Bunny, Yellow, ColourfulI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

Just look at that cover! Look at that title (which made me laugh)! I just had to get this one. Plus, Mark Chambers is one illustrator I always could use more work from~

I have to say it is a bit weird to read this book in early January when we just celebrated Christmas and New Years. XD Oh well, let’s celebrate everything. parties

In this book we meet a bunny named Steve (and yes I laughed at that name), he is very cross. You would think that living on an island full of chocolate eggs and full of Easter fun one would be happy? Well, not Steve. And when we learn why, apparently he hasn’t grown a chocolate egg all year, I could understand why he was so cross. Seeing everyone around him drag eggs left and right, dig them right up, and here he is on his hill… with nothing. I did love that he didn’t give up on his dreams and went for it. BUT OH BOY, I was just thinking that this doesn’t sound like something good, I mean, eww. And I was eager to find out what would happen next, because throwing all that together had to bring either something disastrous or something magical and weird. I loved what happened next, it made me giggle, and maybe also go a bit EEWWWW (I mean normal eggs are already like, umm, but chocolate eggs???).

The ending was a bit predictable (well, until that last page, OH NO), but it was a fun one. I am happy for our trio~

I loved that we don’t just see Easter land, but also get to see signs to other worlds. Like well, the Real World. But I also spotted a sign with 100 Acre Woods and one with a mermaid! I wanted to step inside the book and just take a peek.

The art by Mark Chambers was a fun one again. Full of colours and I loved the characters.

All in all, a fun book for Easter! Featuring strange eggs. A price. Easter. And more!

Star rating, 3 stars

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