Review for The Kármán Line

Review for The Kármán Line

The Kármán Line  Dennis Hopeless ,  Piotr Kowalski, Graphic Novel, Skull, Space, Skeleton, Reality Show, Horror, Death, Murder, MysteryI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I just had to get this book. I do love a good reality show and it taking place in space? Sign me up! Sex and chaos? Sure! Plus, I loved the ominous cover and the ominous blurb.

Welcome aboard of this space station. Where scientists are doing their work. Having fun as well. Sometimes maybe a bit too much fun. Or um, sexy fun. XD Yep. These are all scientists/astronauts but hot dang one pair of them loves to just be together. I really loved this couple… though when we find out more… I wasn’t a fan. I just wanted to yeet these two into space. XD Sorry guys, I have a low tolerance for that bullshit. But what if everything goes from hunkydory to pure chaos. Systems crashing. Strange message appearing on comms. War and threats? Things get dark very quick as everyone tries to survive and get the fuck out. It was a beautiful display of how humans work. And there are some secrets about to be revealed. Oh yes. Who will survive? Well, I won’t tell you, you will just have to read. But I was definitely invested in seeing who would get out. Plus, I love that the cameras were just rolling all the time. Be careful what you do or say in your survival mode, teehee.

I loved that we didn’t just get to see the now and all the things that go wrong, but also saw the before. How people weren’t happy with the scientists. How the Earth is falling apart. A bombing. And how the reality show made things safer and better.

While I had expected more deaths, yes, I know I am gruesome at times. The deaths that DID happen? Well done. Especially that one that happened in the later half. HOT DANG, that is no way anyone would want to go. It was so sudden. I was just gasping.

Given the ending and how inconclusive things felt, like this was just a set-up to something bigger, I hope that there is more coming. crosses fingers I would definitely be up for more reality show or just this group of scientist along with new ones travel to Mars.

And then there is the art! DANG. I loved it! So many details. So pretty. Very realistic style which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, but in this one it was just perfect.

All in all, despite some small things, I did enjoy this one, the art was great, it had an interesting story, that one death holy nope. I am happy I had the chance to read it!

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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