Review for The Secret Life of an Uncool Mom

Review for The Secret Life of an Uncool Mom

The Secret Life of an Uncool Mom by Serena Terry, Parenting, Washing machine, clothes, chaos, funny, non-fictionThis was a hoot! Really enjoyed every bit! Parenting, finding yourself, romance, friendship, work, and more!

It took a bit of time, but I finally had this book in November. Geez, Amazon is just getting more and more frustrating, sadly also the only real option for English books. sighs

Tara was a great MC and I loved seeing her decide for herself, pick something fun for herself, find new friends, go to gym classes. Go Tara! I loved that she was figuring things out on where she stood in life with 3 kids and a job that doesn’t appreciate her and what to do about it. And not just drink and eat chocolate. No, she wanted to do more! Even if that meant some tougher conversations with her husband. Tara was so relatable. Yes, I don’t have kids. But I could still relate on several other points. She really grows in this book and it was fun to see.

The husband. I just loved how supportive he was. And I could also understand that he was confused by Tara’s change. I mean, if my husband suddenly started doing things with his hair or would start to wear other stuff and also react differently than normal, I would also worry/be confused. So yeah, at points I could understand, at other points I was like, boo, just let her do her thing. You can also see that she is getting a bit happier. It would definitely help if you would not just say she is fine, or nice, but instead gave a bigger compliment. But I did love that he was there for her and made sure that she had her own time to just do her thing. Just to blow some steam off.

The Rebel Mummy club was just fantastic. I just wanted to step into the book and join them, even if I am not a mummy. They sound like such a fun group.

Jax and Nathan’s antics had me laughing so hard, though I also felt for Tara and Paul. So much poo. So much threats to tell stuff to their teacher (who I found really annoying). I loved seeing these two boys team up, I can already smell there is going to be even more trouble when Jax is really able to walk and run and do everything.

Though I wanted to punch Gemma at times, the way she treated her mom went beyond teen stuff at times. I mean, I remember being pretty ugh at times, but I wasn’t that bad. Plus… well there were other factors as well at play in my case. Later in the book she got way better and even was sweet towards her mom. Which made me smile. Just a shame some bad/unhappy things had to happen first before she started to treat her mom with respect.

And then there is the ending. OH no. Oh oh. I need to get the next book!

All in all, this was a hoot and I enjoyed it so so much! I would recommend it to all~

Star rating, 5 stars

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