Review for Travis Daventhorpe For the Win!

Review for Travis Daventhorpe For the Win!

Travis Daventhorpe for the Win! Wes Molebash, Graphic Novel, Robots, Friendship, Fun, Genius, Children's Books, Boy, Sword, Chosen OneI received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

A big thank you to the author for allowing me to read the book! I had a lot of fun~

😍 Travis was such a fun character! A lot of people know from my other reviews + Goodreads updates that I am often not a fan of geniuses. Because they are annoying, frustrating, act like they know everything better. But here is Travis. He is pretty dang smart (I mean, I dare you to make a fully working robot that can talk to you, lie, and sword fight like the best), but he doesn’t spread it around. He just comes across as a normal kid. An awkward kid even. Haha. I just had such a laugh at him trying to make friends with the new girl and it was just so awkward. But he tried! I also loved that he tried to do the sword-fighting, but hey, I don’t blame him for his alternative idea. I would have chosen the same!
😍 Juniper! I loved her purple hair and loved that she likes pink, but not in a girly way, but in the kick-ass way. If that makes sense. I love that she is very good at engineering and that she kicks some major butt.
😍 Bobby and Carl and the Compsognathus! At the farm there is a big black hole and I just loved that we got to see the peeps who lived there and see them adopt that dinosaur. Bobby named him Walter. πŸ˜†
😍 That Travis his birthmark is apparently not just a birthmark but instead is the mark of a chosen one! Yep. Apparently a lot happened and a sword (and one of the protectors) went to Earth to find the chosen one.
😍 Bela! He was an interesting character, a bit too stoic at times and I just laughed how he tried to make sense of Earth, but just wasn’t always able to.
😍 The big bad guy and the Rogue who helps him. I had a sus about the Rogue when the Science Fair happened.
😍 The big dinosaur at the Science Fair. SOOO COOL! I mean, I love dinosaurs, so not only did I get a pretty cool compsy, but we also got a big Cyborg T-rex and I was totally sold. I need one of my own, well, one with blue eyes preferably.
😍 The stats we get with each new character (and dinosaur). I loved the little details, and I laughed so hard when the special attack of the T-rex was: “Don’t Wanna Find Out!” Oh snap!
😍 The illustrations are just a delight! They really make the story come to life, and I just love the style and how well it fits with it all.
😍 The parents, oh boy, I can imagine they are stressing out, I would do the same if my kid likes robotics a bit too much and then oh yes, also picks up “fencing”.
😍 Oh, how could I almost forget, Travbot!! Travbot was such a fun character, not like a lot of the robots one sees in books. Travbot was sweet and so cool! I loved how friendly they were with Travis and how they felt very human.
😍 Butlerbot! I definitely need to know when and how that one was created!
😍 The ending, OOHHHH EXCITING!

πŸ˜• The bullying. That was truly the only thing I was just NOT a fan of in the entire book.

But all in all, I need more! I want to know more about the bad guy, if Travis (and Juniper) can save the world (+ other worlds), if Travis will be able to do sword fighting or if he will find a creative way again. This was fab, and I would recommend it.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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