Review for Who Loves the Dragon?

Review for Who Loves the Dragon?

Who Loves the Dragon? Bianca Schulze , Samara Hardy, Red, Dragon, Fantasy, Cute, Interactive, Hearts, Knights, Hugs, Children's Book, Picture BookDo you love Dragon? Let her know in this very fun interactive picture book!

Finally, finally, one of my libraries had a new book in this series. I really enjoyed Don’t Wake the Dragon, so I was hoping to read more.

In this book we see our wonderful dragon again! But the dragon isn’t too happy. The cat and the mice in the castle tell us about what is going on with the dragon, tell us to come closer, BUT NO not too close, sad/angry dragons can breathe a lot of fire! I just wanted to hug the dragon, well, I would first carefully approach her, don’t want to become a scorched human. As the story continues we find out what has happened that made the dragon sad. You see, each year there is a big big festival about friendship and the dragon looks forward to it every year. Looks forward to the fun. The games. The happiness. The food (mmm, food). And more. But this year? Everyone has gone!!! So can you see? Our dragon is just sad, and I could fully understand, I would also be sad, and probably angry, that the festival is seemingly cancelled. Playing games and all the other things just isn’t fun without friends. Do they even love her?

What happens next though? I was delighted and clapped in my hands because it was so much fun. That is so sweet. No. No, I am not telling you. Just telling that there is a very happy ending! And a lot of sweet moments.

I loved how interactive this book is. Shake it because we need confetti. Pet the dragon. Tell the dragon a joke. Tell her how much you love her. And more. And yes, as an adult, I did all those things. And loved it. I just love it when a book pulls you into the story, lets you be part of it~

I am sad about the translation for the Dutch book. Instead of going for Wie houdt er van de draak? they went with Vier Feest met de draak. Which is technically OK given the book is also about a party in a way, but the whole book is about the dragon being sad and us, the reader and the peeps in the book, having to tell her that people love her!

The illustrations are grand and fab and pretty again! I love the style.

All in all, highly recommend. This was another fun Dragon book and I hope that my libraries will be adding the other books because I want to read those as well~

Star rating, 5 stars

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