Review for Why Are You Like This?

Review for Why Are You Like This?

Why Are You Like This?: An ArtbyMoga Comic Collection Meg Adams, Humour, Relatable, Comics, Silly, Dogs, FunnyI received this book from Netgalley/Publisher in exchange of an honest review!

I really love this artist and I was so hyped when I saw the book appear on Netgalley! I just HAD to have it! I was curious what comics would be in it and if there would be any new ones.

I absolutely LOVE how the book started with an introduction, breaking the fourth wall. The artist introduces her hubby and her dogs to the readers along with more. This one was such a fun way to start the book and I just laughed aloud while reading. Perfection!

And then the book started and I just had oodles of fun reading the comics. Several I recognised, but there were others I didn’t recognise. I also showed several to my hubby, though at one point he just read along with me. XD He is also a fan of the artist! I really loved the various comics we got, from weird things the artist does, to getting ready for Halloween, to her cute dogs, to feeling OK in your body (I wish I could be so confident), to planting tulips in a very special way (which had me laughing), to the returning sunglasses (they are huge), to her relationship with her hubby, and so much more. I just couldn’t stop reading so I read this one in one go.

All in all, if you are looking for a relatable and hilarious read, I would highly recommend this one!

Star rating, 5 stars

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