Review for You’re The One That I Want

Review for You’re The One That I Want

You’re the One That I Want Simon James Green, LGBT, Romance, Young Adult, Cute, Blue, Donuts, Car, Pink, YellowA funny Young Adult book about a gay boy, the musical Grease, friendship, and more!

I was so happy that one of my libraries is finally adding more ENG YA books! Including two of Simon James Green, an author I discovered this year I believe and now am becoming quite a fan of.

In this book we meet Freddie, an insecure boy who is also very gay and very much wants this new year to be different. Saying yes. Saying no. Going for things that he normally doesn’t do. Not eating donuts (how could you?). And thus ending up with a musical! Grease. I absolutely loved seeing Freddie grow and get stronger, better, more him. Finding himself more and more. Yes, at times Freddie was a bit much, haha, he really spiralled at times when things got too much or if the boy he likes did things. But he was a great character and I was really rooting for him!

I loved the musical bits, had such a laugh at all the chaos and especially later when things are unfolding and things are spiralling. I was just laughing my butt off.

Zach? Zach?! Toxic fucker of doom. In the beginning he seemed cute, adorable, sweet, tender. But quite soon I just wanted to grab Freddie and run away so he wouldn’t fall for the tricks of this toxic boy. He just wanted to stay casual. He wanted it more for the fucking than something else. He kept ignoring Freddie. He kept being rude to Freddie. Freddie wanted more… oh no, ignore that boy. And so on, I really wanted to just hurl Zach so many times.

Jasper, aka the boy from the beginning, the jerk according to Freddie. Haha, I have to say I was 100% agreeing on it, but I was happy to see him again later in the story and also get to see a different side to him. And then the shipping started. XD

Ruby and Sam, wonderful wonderful characters. Ruby was my favourite but as the story continued Sam became good second. I loved how Sam went from shy guy to still shy but more bold. Those comments he made had me in stitches. And Ruby? Ruby was just a fantastic girl and I loved how strong she was. I loved the bond between the three characters.

I am not sure how I felt about Freddie’s mom. I mean, at points she was really sweet and she did try to listen to her son.. but hello? She was constantly busy with her job letting her boy alone in the house just fend for himself and food, when he needed her she wasn’t there.

BIG BIG bonus to adding Bi (Here is the quote: “…but, if I’m totally honest, even the thought of asking out someone who is actually gay or bi and might actually say yes scares the shit out of me.”). A lot of M/M YA books are all about straight or gay. Like there isn’t anything else. A guy is with a girl? He is straight. If he breaks up with her? There may be an option for gay. But bi? Never mentioned and if it is mentioned it is often in a derisive way that pisses me off.

All in all, I am so happy with this book. A wonderful MC who grows as the story goes on. Wonderful friends. Some shipping. And more! Another Simon James Green book read and liked!

Star rating, 4 stars

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