Review for Zombie 100 – Bucket List of the Dead, Vol.5

Review for Zombie 100 – Bucket List of the Dead, Vol.5

Zombie 100 – Bucket List of the Dead 5 Haro Aso , Kōtarō Takata, Zombies, Horror, Scary, Villains, Bad Guys, Frustrations, Village, Family, BlueThe fifth volume and BOY, I wasn’t always enjoying myself. Mostly a lot of frustrations.

I bought this one (and several other manga) for my birthday as a present to myself! I really wanted to see what would happen next in the series, especially given the cliffhanger in the previous book.

However, this just didn’t bring as much joy as the previous books. Why? Because the antagonists are just FREAKING frustrating and not in a good way. Sometimes I appreciate villains, but in this one? They were just so petty and sad. Like one guy actually was just frustrated at his wife, one just wanted to forcefully kiss a girl (with tongue). And so on. Instead of making the best of what is happening, they made a sort of reverse list from the one that our MC has made. Things to do before they turn into a zombie, with shitty things like overturn society, destroy happiness, ruin people’s lives, etc. All sort of shit that just pissed me off. Later on he has a particular hatred towards our MC who he apparently knew. Why he has a hatred? Because our MC was always so happy and seemingly had all the friends and all the good things in life. SERIOUSLY, WTF >< And why would you go after some elderly people, why would you go after such a peaceful village? I was just NOT happy and didn’t love that they got so much attention.

Thankfully, there were also some good moments. Kencho making friends with the lonely girl who escaped from the zombie stuff but lost her parents in the progress. Sure, at times that was a bit awkward because of how Kencho is, but his heart is in the right place and I just loved how he was there for her, and when poop hit the fan, he protected her and tried to save her. Which was just so sweet. I also had a laugh at how Kencho saved himself from being eaten by the zombies. It is disgusting, but hey, whatever works!

I loved that Akira has some good moments with his family. That he had chats with his dad that were really heartfelt, that he was there for his mom. That he talked with the villagers. It was just so sweet. I had a laugh at his new hairdo, it did fit him really well though, but it just changed his look so drastically. Plus, even when things got bad, I just loved that he tried to stay positive and happy. That he spoke up. And that he was there for his friends.

Then we have Shizuka and Beatrice, the girls of the party! Shizuka, I felt for her. She is roped in to be a doctor but has to handle sexual harassment all the time. I mean, one time was a bit like OK…. not really my thing, but it kept happening. I was proud though that she thought of a way to handle it, but I had also hoped that the villagers would see in that this was just not cool. And Beatrice is just figuring out all things Japan and being excited. I loved seeing both girls defend against the zombies and the humans. That one self-defence move by Shizuka just made me laugh and cheer. That was awesome.

And I just loved seeing the village and see how the villagers made things work. How there are more people seeking safety and how everyone (well except for the dumb dicks) was trying to make things happen.

And the art was so good! How it switched seamlessly from light when there were happy times to dark and gritty when zombies or bad stuff happened.

We also got another cliffhanger, which both frustrated me but also made me curious. I am glad I got the other 2 volumes so I can just read on (which, by the time this review goes up I will have done).

All in all, I hope that the next volumes will be better and less shitty humans are around, or well, if they are shitty that they are different shitty, if you get it. XD

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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