Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 19-3-2023

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 19-3-2023


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A happy welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates! It is Sunday! Whoo!

This week was busy, but OK. On Wednesday we got to see the puppers again and set a date to pick her up… which is going to be this upcoming Thursday. I am both happy and super anxious. On Saturday we visited Libraries #2/#3. The rest of the week was just busy. I did try to take a bit of time in between things, because I noticed that with everything + the pup my body just wasn’t very happy. This upcoming week I will probably take off Monday, as the other days are filled with appointments and plans + of course, first days with a puppy!
Reading-wise, a good week. Was in a bit of a slump as I tried to force my mood to read those Library #3 books while it was not into them. In the end I just gave up on 4 of them and managed to read two.

What did I read last week from my TBR? Kakegurui #2 (this was exciting, fun, and oh my), Crimson Sisters #3 (oh my GOODNESS, YAS), Stoverij met Frieten #2 (this was OK, not as fun as the first book though), My Hero Academia #13 (a bit dialogue heavy, but still a very good volume with plenty of action (and dumb decisions at the end)), Tien dagen Tinder (could use some editing, had the horrible miscommunication trope, but was all right to read at points), De radslag reeks (this was fun, though the whole car stuff was way too easily done), Vincent van Gogh Atlas (I loved this one, fun info and gorgeous illustrations).

I tried and dropped (and at least tried a chapter or so)? Neon Goden (translation didn’t work for me), New Beginnings at Little (I found out this was book 2, haha, I was so confused that first bit), Pumpkin (didn’t click with me), A Three Dog Problem (a murder in the beginning.. and then nothing. Way too many characters), Just. Got. Real (meh).

Here is a new OVERSIZED TBR. Sorry, I just got so many fantastic books, not to mention I am just not sure what my mood is at the moment so I just threw on everything my head seemed into at the moment. XD I got a ton of new library books on there, so happy with my hauls at the libraries yesterday~ I do hope to try out Anatomy, Seven Husbands, and Prins van Toorn. Those are from Library #1 and I do hope to at least read two of the three so I can bring home more books when I visit on Wednesday!

Thank you all for reading! Wish me luck with my stack + with the first days of a puppy! Let me know what you think looks great on my stack + what you will be reading next week! I hope everyone has a great Sunday + week, enjoy~ Stay safe!

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