Waiting on Wednesday ~ Audrey Covington Breaks the Rules by Karina Evans

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Audrey Covington Breaks the Rules by Karina Evans

Evening everyone!!

Welcome all to a new Waiting on Wednesday! We are halfway through the week! And just one more week until I can get to see Coco (our puppers) again, hype!

This time I picked a book I already got, well, almost. Haha, I signed up for the tour for this book + got accepted and am waiting to receive my ARC. I was already thinking of featuring this one before I got the mail, so I thought why not still do it. After all, I still haven’t read it and I am still eagerly waiting to read it!

This book just sounded like a hoot! What happens when a girl gets stuck with her parents for a summer and has to help them with her grandma~ And what happens when things go bonkers as grandma tries to run away, one last adventure, and accidentally takes our MC with. Well, as you can see from the cover (which I absolutely LOVE LOVE) and the blurb, a lot of zany adventures featuring Hollywood! Golfcarts, movies, breaking rules. I cannot wait for our MC to connect (re-connect) with her grandma and for them to have a great time~

Look forward to my review coming on April 20th! And I guess I will be getting my copy soon! EXCITED!

Audrey Covington Breaks the Rules by Karina Evans, Children's Books, Humour, Grandmother, Grandparents, Hollywood, Summer, Girl, Woman, GolfcartA grandmother-granddaughter duo set off on the Hollywood adventure of a lifetime in this funny middle-grade novel about breaking rules, growing up, and finding yourself—perfect for fans of Wendy Mass and Booki Vivat.

Audrey Covington’s parents are the textbook definition of strict—they don’t let Audrey stay up late or watch scary movies, and they definitely don’t let her go anywhere unsupervised. Audrey knows it’s best to just accept the way it is. But her friends decide her parents’ rules are getting in the way of all their fun and unceremoniously disinvite her from their annual start-of-summer slumber party so they aren’t tied down by boring Audrey.

Now Audrey is stuck helping her parents move her former-movie-star grandmother into a luxury retirement community. When she finally manages to sneak off to her parents’ car to check her phone, her grandmother climbs into the driver’s seat and speeds off—not realizing Audrey is still in the back seat! After startling each other, they come to a deal: Audrey promises not to tell her parents where her grandma is if Audrey can join in on one last grand adventure—no rules allowed. But as the two make their way across Hollywood, they realize that the life they think they want might not be what they need.

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