Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Case of the Musical Mishap by Veronica Mang

Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Case of the Musical Mishap by Veronica Mang

Good evening!

Welcome all to a new Waiting on Wednesday! Wheee, another week is almost over~ SOO TIRED. And next week will be even busier. falls asleep

Today a book in a series! It is the third book in the Secret Spy Society! A series I love, well, OK, I loved the first book. The second book is still either available but expensive or not available on Amazon. But I am still hyped about this next book. This time we have a concert + missing instruments and the girls + the older spy women working together to figure out what is going on and it just sounds so much fun. I love music and I love mystery, so it is a great match. I am also curious to see how far the girls got in being a spy, given that they met those ex-spies who are eager to help a new generation.

Hopefully this one (and the other book) will be available when this book comes out. I need them both!

OH, OH, btw, here are some new pics of Coco from my Twitter! Next week I will have more photos… because she is coming home with us next week Thursday!! YES!

Secret Spy Society #3 The Case of the Musical Mishap Veronica Mang, Mystery, Children's Book, Friendship, Girls, BandGifted Girls.
Daring Dames.
Marvelous Mysteries.

The Secret Spy Society is back with a new case to solve!

Peggy, Rita, and Dot are practicing for the upcoming band concert. But when the school’s instruments start to disappear one by one, their big performance is in jeopardy. With the help of some secret codes and the most enigmatic women in history who worked as spies, with the girls be able to solve the mystery and face the music?

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