What I Hope To Read April 2023

What I Hope To Read April 2023

Afternoon all!

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A big hi and welcome to a new What I Hope To Read post! It is almost April and I got some releases I just NEED to read!

March was pretty fab at points. We got a doggo named Coco! She is 9 weeks old, very hyper, very adorable, and also a LOT. Haha. Also puppy blues is all real! Very real. Holy crap. I am glad my hubby is working at home for the coming time (and not have two days of working at work), because I was overwhelmed when I had to be with her alone for a bit. Other than that, library visits, some fun Pokemon events, baking, a dash of gardening, and more.
Reading-wise also a good month! Though I had a few slumps as I was overwhelmed by life + ARCs and at one point with library books~ But all in all, still good.

Did I read any of the March releases? Let me see… Nope. Thank you to the prices on Amazon or the fact that they AREN’T even available. Hopefully, very hopefully, I can get them next month or soon.

April got A LOT of really fun books that are coming out, some great YA, and also some Dutch books that sound fab~ Audrey Covington I got as an ARC, so excited!

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2 thoughts on “What I Hope To Read April 2023

  1. Aww puppy!!
    Yeah, my kitten has been with us for 8months already- and he’s now almost one in his teenager phase 😳 it’s something. We 100% didnt experienced that with my old one..

    Have fun and hopefully you get to read most of your list. Happy reading xx

    1. Yes! Puppy!
      Oh dear! Hopefully everything works out for your kitten. It is interesting that your other didn’t have problems and this one is like yeah puberty. XD
      Thank you! *crosses fingers*

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