Birthstone Book Covers April 2023

Birthstone Book Covers April 2023


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A happy welcome to a new Birthstone Book Covers!!! This month is Diamond~

I had a hard time thinking about this one. I mean, diamonds are pretty much see-through with a dash of white or another colour in it. But I just cannot think of see-through like covers. So instead I went to scour Goodreads for White/White-Grey covers. It was quite fun! Out of the 6 books I picked I read 5, the other I haven’t read (and will not) but it looked pretty and fitted the colours. I hope you all like my choices~ Let me know what you would have picked~


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🤩Mention the creator (Leslie @ Books Are The New Black ) and link back to me so I can see your post!
🤩Pick 5+ book covers that match the current month’s Birthstone.
🤩Nominate people if you want!
Gray, Doctor, Dandelion, Survivor Song, Paul Tremblay, Horror, Pandemic, Zombies, Post Apocalyptic, Mystery, Pregnancy, Survival,Gray, The Treatment, Suzanne Young, GirlStarters Lissa Price, Dystopia, Young Adult, GirlThe Familiar Dark by Amy Engel , Thriller, Murder, Snow, Road, Suspense, Adult, Mom

5 thoughts on “Birthstone Book Covers April 2023

    1. Yeah, I saw a lot of peeps going for white. Thank you! And yeah, that one popped up as one of the few that I knew would fit in the theme!

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