Blog Tour ~ Audrey Covington Breaks the Rules by Karina Evans ~ Review

Blog Tour ~ Audrey Covington Breaks the Rules by Karina Evans ~ Review

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Audrey Covington Breaks the Rules by Karina Evans, Children's Books, Humour, Grandmother, Grandparents, Hollywood, Summer, Girl, Woman, Golfcart

A happy and delighted welcome to the Blog Tour for Audrey Covington Breaks the Rules by Karina Evans! Rule-breaking, Hollywood, a grandma wanting one more fun adventure, and more! I am so happy I got the chance to review this one early as I have been eyeing the book for months!

For today I got a ★★★★1/2 starred review + book/author information~

Let’s get this tour started!


I received this book from TBR and Beyond Tours + the publisher in exchange of an honest review~

This is one of the books that I had been eyeing for a while and just HAD to have when I saw the sign-up. SO I am delighted that I got the chance to read it earlier. *dances*

In this book we meet a girl named Audrey, she is about to go to junior high/middle school (whatever it is called in the US) and she is excited for the summer! I really liked Audrey from the beginning, but I also felt for her. She just wants to have some fun and her parents are very restricting. OK, well, some I could understand, but others? Nah. Not so much. I just wanted to give Audrey a big big hug. She definitely deserved and needed that, especially when her friends (who I was both agreeing with and found bitchy, yes confusing right) ditched her because of her parents many many rules. I was happy when, as grandma decided to make up her own rules, she decided to hop along and even made some of her own rules. She wasn’t afraid to make her wishes known and I loved seeing her grow more and more confident. I could see a girl going into her teens and wanting to do her own thing. But, I was also happy to see that while she had fun, she also wondered about the consequences. Thinking about bringing back stuff, saying sorry, those things.

I have to say, I was expecting more grand adventures. Days of adventuring! Thanks to the blurb. But the whole book takes place over one day. Yep. In the end I didn’t mind it that much and loved how much the author was able to cram into that one day, but I just would have liked to see a bit longer adventure, get to know grandma just a bit more, see them break a few more rules, have even more fun. I am still happy with what we got, but I definitely would like a second book and see them go on a big big road trip! But again, what we got made me laugh and smile. We get them trying out special outfits and run away with a golfcart, there are ears to be pierced, there is friends to be found, hotdogs to be eaten, and of course, also discovering more about grandma, why she quit, that she is still quite famous and popular, see the fanclub follow them, and so much more. These two definitely had a day of adventure and I loved seeing them get closer.

A big big plus point to the cover, which was just so much fun, especially when we got to see that part in the book!

The grandmother was also a really fun character, and I am happy that she got part of the spotlight and that we got to learn more about her. About her past, about the bonds with her daughters (Audrey’s mom and aunt), about her movie career, how she feels about moving away from her home and to a safer and more elderly-centered place.

Audrey also makes a friend in this book and I loved it! I wouldn’t mind a book featuring them doing some fun adventures.

The ending also made me smile, I am happy that grandma did that for Audrey. And also finally had that chat with her daughter. Because that was definitely needed.

Time for some things I wasn’t a fan off, which I will put under spoiler tags. The parents? Well, I could understand that both Audrey and grandma have had enough of it all. I get it, Audrey is still 11, almost 12, but she is not 6. There were some rules that I was just shaking my head at and I wondered if, had the events of the book not happened, the parents would have ever listened to Audrey and seen that she was growing up. I am also not entirely happy with the whole, well at least you have parents who care/who are alive-stuff/trope. I see it happen a few times in other books as well. And I just think it is hurtful. Audrey is allowed to complain about her parents. It is terrible that for someone else their parents don’t care, but that doesn’t mean that Audrey should just be happy/should just be grateful because she does have parents. I think I take it close to heart because of my relationship with my parents. Well, OK, mostly my mom. Yes, I am happy I have parents, but I am allowed to complain or be angry or be sad or whatever else. I am allowed to feel shit.

All in all, I really had fun reading this one, I just flew right through it! I laughed, I cheered, and I would recommend it to all~

Audrey Covington Breaks the Rules by Karina Evans, Children's Books, Humour, Grandmother, Grandparents, Hollywood, Summer, Girl, Woman, GolfcartA grandmother-granddaughter duo set off on the Hollywood adventure of a lifetime in this funny middle-grade novel about breaking rules, growing up, and finding yourself—perfect for fans of Wendy Mass and Booki Vivat.

Audrey Covington’s parents are the textbook definition of strict—they don’t let Audrey stay up late or watch scary movies, and they definitely don’t let her go anywhere unsupervised. Audrey knows it’s best to just accept the way it is. But her friends decide her parents’ rules are getting in the way of all their fun and unceremoniously disinvite her from their annual start-of-summer slumber party so they aren’t tied down by boring Audrey.

Now Audrey is stuck helping her parents move her former-movie-star grandmother into a luxury retirement community. When she finally manages to sneak off to her parents’ car to check her phone, her grandmother climbs into the driver’s seat and speeds off—not realizing Audrey is still in the back seat! After startling each other, they come to a deal: Audrey promises not to tell her parents where her grandma is if Audrey can join in on one last grand adventure—no rules allowed. But as the two make their way across Hollywood, they realize that the life they think they want might not be what they need.

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About the author/illustrator:

Karina Evans, Black/White, Author, Photograph, SmileKarina Evans is a children’s author from Santa Barbara, California. She is represented by Jessica Mileo at InkWell Management.

Karina studied English at the University of Delaware before starting a career in the entertainment industry.

Some of Karina’s favorite things include: See’s Candies, The Amazing Race, singing show tunes in the car, and volleyball. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her two mischievous cats, Sir Pounce and Taika.

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