Blog Tour ~ Chantz by Tim Rayborn ~ Excerpt | Giveaway

Blog Tour ~ Chantz by Tim Rayborn ~ Excerpt | Giveaway


Chantz, Tim Rayborn, Elves, Fae, Fantasy, LGBT, Bisexual, Ireland, England

A fairy welcome to the Blog Tour for Chantz, the third book in the Qwyrk Tales series written by Tim Rayborn! So happy I can be part of the tour~

For today’s post I got an exclusive excerpt, a giveaway, and book/author information!

Whoo! Time to get this tour started!

Chantz, Tim Rayborn, Elves, Fae, Fantasy, LGBT, Bisexual, Ireland, EnglandPublishing Company: Armin Lear/Thousand Acres
Cover Artist: Casey Fritz

Primary Plot Arc: Speculative Fiction
Pairings (if a romance): There is an important lesbian romance in the book, even though it’s urban fantasy
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal
Story Type: Novel (>50k)
Word Count: 103,000
LGBTQ+ Identities (if applicable): lesbian, bisexual
Keywords/Categories: comedy, music, lgbtq, goth, magic, elves, banshees, Ireland, fae, lesbian, bisexual, fantasy, new release, announcement, giveaway

Is This Part of a Series?: Yes
Position (Number) in Series: Third
Necessary to Read Previous Books: No, But It Doesn’t Hurt
Series Title: Qwyrk Tales
Other Books in Series Available for Review?: Yes

Title for Other Book(s) in Series:
1. Qwyrk
2. Lluck

Book Blurb:
Qwyrk can’t get a break. Spring is springing, but she’s stuck breaking up drunken faery fights as Beltane approaches. She really wants to take things to the next level with her possibly-probably-girlfriend Holly, but she keeps coming down with a chronic case of chickening out.
And now, her best human friend, Jilly Pleeth, has had a rather odd encounter. While attending a concert by her favorite band, the Mystic Wedding Weasels, Jilly was amazed by their enigmatic singer, Chantz. There’s something downright magical about her voice, something so magical that an evil force from outside this world wants her for nefarious reasons. But will Chantz succumb to its lure?
Chantz is the third in a series of four novels about the comic misadventures of a group of misfits at the edge of normal reality in modern northern England, a world of shadows, Nighttime Nasties, eldritch screaming horrors, appalling neo-Shakespearean sonnets, undead corvids, an abundance of verbal sparring, and… Qwyrk is not an elf, all right? They’re just silly!

Buy here:Author page
About the author:

Tim Rayborn, Author, Photograph, Long Hair, GlassesTim Rayborn has written an astonishing number of books over the past several years. He lived in England for quite some time and has a PhD from the University of Leeds, which he likes to pretend means that he knows what he’s talking about. His generous output of written material covers topics such as music, the arts, history, the strange and bizarre, fantasy and sci-fi, and general knowledge.

He’s also an acclaimed musician. He plays dozens of unusual instruments that quite a few people of have never heard of and often can’t pronounce. He has appeared on over forty recordings, and his musical wanderings and tours have taken him across the US, all over Europe, to Canada and Australia, and to such romantic locations as Marrakech, Istanbul, Renaissance chateaux, medieval churches, and high school gymnasiums.

He currently lives in Washington state (where it rains a lot), surrounded by many books and instruments, as well as with a sometimes-demanding cat. He is rather enthusiastic about good wines, and cooking excellent food.

Find him here:  

Exclusive Excerpt

Far away, in a place of darkness and stillness, the ancient one heard the call from this young singer, reaching out across dimensions to tap into the ancient, primordial power that was her birthright. The calls were becoming more frequent, and the ancient one answered.
Good, good.
“Sing to me, child,” this elder being whispered. “Bring forth your fury and your rage. Sing for me and sweep all before you into oblivion. In time, you will learn to sing of their deaths, and force all who hear your song to despair. You will be feared by those little wretched mortal creatures.”
She closed her weary eyes.
“Sing now, let your voice be heard, let it become one with the past. The ancient bond that ties you to us grows ever stronger as you come into your power. Soon, you will do great things. Soon, you will do terrible things, as the prophecy of the return comes to fruition. Take my power—our power— and do with it what you will. We are strong.”
Magic flowed from her and toward the young singer, but something happened. Something interrupted it. Perhaps it was the girl’s own fear or inexperience. Perhaps it was… another? Something, or someone, else was there, a disruption. The flow waned, and then it was gone again, like a stream after too little rain.
She cursed and with some effort, stood. She hobbled out of her cave into a grey and misty landscape and looked around in frustration. This twilight world where so many of her kinfolk dwelled would soon be cast aside, for while she could leave and return to it more freely, most among her folk could not. But that would change, and this young one would help toward that purpose. Soon, the world of mortals would be afraid again, which was as it should be.

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