Library Haul ~ 8-4-2023 (Library #2+#3)

Library Haul ~ 8-4-2023 (Library #2+#3)

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So yesterday it was time again to visit Libraries #2 and #3, where did those 3 weeks go? Haha.

And it was the very first time that Coco visited those two libraries + went along on the trip to visit them. She was fine with it all, alternating between being a corpse (really if you see her sleep at times 😂) and sniffing. She gets all the oohhhhs and ahhhs and love from peeps. I am happy that she was totally fine with it all. We carried her around in her puppy/small doggo bag, letting her out for a bit in a park nearby Library #2 when we thought she had to go (no, but she did want to get love from all the scouts that were wandering around).

First up was Library #3, since I got a bag to carry there along with my own small handbag + need to pick up books, I handed the bag filled with cute Coco to my hubby who was going to wait outside. And then I wandered the library, had GREAT, no no, FANTASTIC luck with my haul! Seriously, I was thinking of exploring the library, but at the ground floor I found 8 books + another 2 that I was curious about. Haha. I left those other books until I had visited the children’s department. I only got space for 12 books, so yeah, I wanted to see what new books that department had before I just shoved everything in the bag. So this was a pretty lightning speed visit. I don’t mind at all. It is fun when they add so many great books~ 🥰 Plus, SO SO excited to see Chainsaw Man 5 there, didn’t know they had English manga there. Well, I just checked, this volume is the only one. Why don’t libraries check before adding books. 😆

Up next is Library #2. I had 50 books to bring back, yep, I had a lot! There were 12 books waiting for me and so I was looking forward to getting some more books since now I got just 3 books left at home. Coco was with me the whole time and she was very curious.. and well, also sleeping. Apparently libraries are a good place for naps. 😆 I had fun walking around, checking everywhere for books to bring along and managed to find quite a few fun ones~ Some Rechercheur de Klerck books as I really liked the one book I read from that series last time. I FINALLY got the newest of Colleen Hoover, now I really need to figure out if I want to read It Ends With Us again, or if I will just hope my mind has remembered it all. And I cannot wait to read those picture books. Eep!

STATS: 12 books at Library #3 and 34 books at Library #2! Good good haul! I got plenty to read again~

NOTE: Photos 1 and 2 are Library #2 and Photo #3 is Library #3.

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Survivalgids voor juffen en meesters by Meester Mark
Juniper by Henry Lloyd, Mark Janssen
Niet meer dan een nummer by Elsbeth de Jager
Münchhausen by Tove Leifer, Anja Gram
Sam & de Monsterbende – de regenbookfabriek by Susan Wallenburg
Nina en Noortje by Yvonne Kroonenberg
The Ultimate Guide to Growing Dragons by Andy Shepherd
Ain’t Burned All The Bright by Jason Reynolds, Jason Griffin
Laat los! by Howard Pearlstein, Stefani Buijsman
Clara’s grote reis by Jet Bakels
Een dag met vrienden by Philip Waechter
De grote verjaardag by Heather Pierce Stigall
Ik wil spelen! by Johan Klungel
Zijn we er al? by Petra Postert
Super! by Sanne Ramakers, Merel de Vink
Ondertussen op Aarde by Oliver Jeffers
Het boek van de ruimtevaart by Jan van der Veken
Pientere Pinguïns by Owen Davey

It Starts With Us by Colleen Hoover
Zwoele favorieten by Harlequin
De rivier is een wond vol vissen by Lorena Salazar Masso
Ezelsbuik by Andrea Abreu López
Radeloos by Joop van Riessen
Rechercheur De Klerck #1 by P. Dieudonné
Rechercheur De Klerck #3 by P. Dieudonné
Rechercheur De Klerck #4 by P. Dieudonné
Nachtwerk by Hetty Kleinloog
Negentig seconden by Vanessa Thuyns
Reisgids Gort by Ilja Gort
Ultiem Buitengeluk by Marleen Brekelmans
Meisjes en wetenschap by Rachel Ignotofsky
Go Here Instead by Unknown

Duizend & Ik by Yorick Goldewijk
Grote mensen die ik kende toen ik klein was by Wouter Deprez
Chainsaw Man #5 by Tatsuki Fujimoto
The Holiday Bookshop by Lucy Dickens
51 woorden voor sneeuw by Nancy Campbell
A Girl Called Justice: The Ghost in the Garden by Elly Griffiths
Poster Girl by Veronica Roth
Je eerste 1000 vaderdagen by David Borman
When Women Were Dragons by Kelly Barnhill
Tussen de dijken by Marjan Brouwers, Maike van der Kooij
Lain Sayang Lain by Suzanne Liem
Het grote palingboek by Robert van der Broek, Marco Bakker

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