Review for A Polar Bear in the Snow

Review for A Polar Bear in the Snow

A Polar Bear in the Snow Mac Barnett , Shawn Harris, Polar Bear, Picture Book, Children's BookAn adorable book about a polar bear in the snow!

I read this one in Dutch but wasn’t in the mood to add the book in Dutch to Goodreads + I am writing a review in English anyway so… shrugs The translation did feel good, not so choppy and weird as the last English > Dutch book I read (the Goon Hunt book).

In this book we meet a polar bear. Well, first he has got to wake up! After that we follow him on a trip through the icy cold. What is this bear going to do? Say hi to humans? OH NO! Or go to the seals? Maybe? What happens for real though had me smiling and I was so delighted to see him have all the fun. Not sure if I would go out of bed for that, especially given how cold it is, but hey, whatever floats this bear’s boat. XD

The ending was a bit unexpected. On the one hand I liked it because just like how it started with empty it end with empty (aka bear has camouflaged in the snow), but on the other hand I would just have liked a bit more. Maybe a last boop with a nose!

I just absolutely loved the illustrations! Well, should I call them that or just call them magics with paper? Because that is what it was! Ripped paper parts made for water or snow. The bear moving around seemed like they just had cut out several bears in many poses. And there is more! It was just so wonderful.

All in all, a fun book. Not much story, but still fun. It helps that I love polar bears and that the illustrations were well done!

Star rating, 3 stars

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