Review for Barkcuterie

Review for Barkcuterie

Barkcuterie: 25 Pawsome Snack Boards Your Dog Will Love Hammy , Olivia, Food, Baking, Cookbook, Dogs, Pets, Yummy, Non-Fiction,I received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review~

OMG, I just cannot resist books about cooking for dogs! And back when I requested this book I was still on a search for doggo! However.. when I read it a week later on the 8th of March? I had a dog. Well, OK, we are picking her up on the 23rd of March when she is 9 weeks! So the book is even more relevant than it was before when I requested it. Then it was just fun ideas and lots of awww, and now it is, OMG I an actually bake and make this for my puppers~ YAS!

In this book we get all sorts of Barkcuteries~ I love the pun, I do so much. We get boards featuring seasons, but there are also barkcuteries for other things. I just loved the amount of variety and I was so eager to get reading! I love that we started with a good/bad/sparingly use food list, which is handy for a new owner like me. Some are a DUH (like chocolate or alcohol or onions) but others are good to know~

And then the book really starts, with at first the barkcuterie and what goes in it and how to set it all up and then with each separate yummy food. From muffins to cookies to eggs everything is mentioned and I just got so hungry. There are so many fun food items one can make and I was just impressed by the variety of it all. I knew there was a lot possible, but the few books I found/read mostly focussed on cookies or baked goods. This one actually also does some other stuff. And I also love it combines pet snacks with things you bake/cook. Now i just have to decide what to make first! Haha. I want to try it all! The maple cookies! The cupcakes! Cheese sticks?? The cute cucumber paw prints?, well, OK, that will have to wait until summer as cucumbers are expensive now.

Some of these I cannot make, hello nut/peanut allergy. But thankfully there are enough other things that I can make, and I do know that dogs love Peanut Butter so I can imagine why it was added. Also on that note, there were some stuff like Wiggles & Wags Bake Shop?? Or other brands that I never heard of and cannot really find in my country? I will just have to substitute that with something we have in my country, if I can find something similar. That was a bit of a shame, I get that the book is made in the US, but make sure that everyone around the world can use it. I recently read about a pet bakery, but that is located WAY too far from my home, but that was really the very first time that I heard about that concept. It sounds so fun though. A bakery for your dogs? Pets? Yes!

The photographs, OH MY HEART holds hand to chest. Those were just the cutest ever. And I just wanted to pet them! And the photographs of the food? Well, let’s just say? This human is also hungry now. Well, OK, not for the peanut stuff, but the others? HECK YES.

All in all, get this book. I know I will. I need to make my puppers some yummy foods~

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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