Review for Kakegurui, Vol.1

Review for Kakegurui, Vol.1

Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler, Vol. 1 Homura Kawamoto , Toru Naomura, Manga, Gambling, Card Games, Games, Manga, Girl, Red Eyes, Will Eat You, Mystery, SchoolAn exciting high-stakes manga featuring gambling, amazing expressions, and a fucked-up system!

So I saw the show when it came out and after this many years I thought, why not just go for the manga? Thankfully, it is released in German, so that is a bit cheaper for me given how many books there are in the series.

In this book we meet a boy named Ryota and a girl named Yumeko. In this first volume it focusses on both of them. We see that Ryota is trying to keep Yumeko from trying to do gambling (not doing such a good job as she totally loves it), try to get her up to speed with her new school and all that it entails (and not just the pet system but also several other things that are really messed up), and see him try to lose his pet status. I really enjoyed the book, though at times I had a harder time because there is a lot of explanation going on for the system + the games that they play. From normal card games to rock-paper-scissors in a special way til a game named, in German Leben oder Tod, which has tiny swords and all that. It really sets the tone for the rest of the series.

Because we quickly find out that Yumeko has two sides to herself. On the one hand she is a cute elegant girl who is always positive and perky… on the other hand, did you see that cover? Yep, that is also Yumeko. She really get lusty and horny (as I would call it) from playing games like this. She loves the thrill. She loves the danger. She loves exposing people and their cheating. She just loves it all and we get some delightful, weird, oh my illustrations featuring just that. I just had such a laugh at how people reacted to her going full out, however, she isn’t the only one. I really loved Yumeko. The anime has been a while though, so I am not sure if there was a real reason for her personality to switch from one to another and also for her to have such lust for the thrill of gambling. Maybe we will find out in the later volumes. I did love how smart she was and how eager she was to learn a new game. You would think that if she goes in the mode that she loses her senses, but instead she is even more dangerous than normal and I absolutely loved it. Go Yumeko!

I had such a laugh at Ryota’s reactions as he realised Yumeko wasn’t to be stopped. XD Or when she went that horny/lusty/she will probably kill you in your sleep mode.

But she is definitely not the only one with the weird/over the top facial expressions, there are others. It seems that more people in this school go a little tiny … ok A LOT of craycray for this whole gambling thing. Mary gets some fab expressions, but also others.

And while the whole school thing is disturbing (the hierarchy, the debts and what entails, the president/council), it was also very interesting to read. I still have questions on how these kids get all that money. I know, their parents are rich, but it just feels like money is never ending, while I just cannot imagine that there are parents who are OK with their kids just spending millions on games.

And yes, I just love the art! I love how well the mangaka manages to get all the expressions perfectly done. From normal to craycray and lusty in just a blink of an eye.

All in all, I would recommend it! If you like learning about games, don’t mind a lot of gambling, don’t mind things going a bit creepy at times, and love a good MC. I will be getting books 3 and further soon. And look forward for a review for Volume 2 in a few days~

Star rating, 5 stars

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