Review for Kay’s Brilliant Brains

Review for Kay’s Brilliant Brains

Kay's Brilliant Brains: A World Book Day 2023 Mini Book Adam Kay , Henry PakerA book about some brilliant human brains! From Einstein to Earheart!

Just to say this, but when I saw this one on Amazon (bless because these are World Book Day books and very hard to find) I just had to get it. And given the title I thought it would be about brains. Well, in a way it is, but not the anatomy brains I thought it would be. But more brainy people! Which was also tons of fun!

In this book we got multiple brainy people, we learn about from Einstein and what made him tick and what special stuff he did tot Earheart who was amazing at flying and oh yes still missing. It was really interesting to read and I looked forward to each chapter and see which brainy person we would get next. I liked almost all of them, there was just one I wasn’t particularly interested in (sorry, Greta). But other than that? Give me all the fun quizzes! The fun information! Even though I knew a lot, there were was also some new information and I liked that!

The illustrations, all those cute brains + more, was just so much fun and I do need a GIF of the one with sparkly eyes. XD

Those who read my earlier review for Adam Kay’s books about anatomy know how I feel about Prunella. She is toxic, negative, horrible, and I just don’t get why it is added. I have shown other people around me the parts and they all agree on the why the fuck? Once may be funny, but every page? No. So I did what I mention in my review for the previous anatomy book. I feel horrible about it, but I bought some correction fluid. I just tried reading the book WITHOUT doing that, but I just got so angry and sad about the negativity that I just didn’t get further.

I do hope that the next book has less or no Prunella, and otherwise I guess I will use my trusty correction fluid. XD Because seriously, these books are just SO so fun on their own. Full of jokes, fun information, interesting information. And fun illustrations!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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