Review for Little Horror

Review for Little Horror

Little Horror Daniel Peak, Children's Book, Evil, Villain, Genius, Kid, Children's Book, Mystery, FunA wonderful and exciting read featuring a very smart 2 year old vs an evil villain.

🥰 Rita was well-written. Most of my readers know that I am not a fan of child geniuses in general. Most of the time when a child genius is in the book and gets a more prominent role I tend to DNF the book or just don’t like it. Why? Because often they are annoying, bratty, think they know it all better than the other party, talk as if they are 80-years old, act like they are supreme. Whereas Rita? Rita is smart. She can read and speak. She can do a lot of things that shouldn’t be possible. But. She is also just a kid. She enjoys soft play centres. She likes a good cartoon or kids show. She loves food for her age and sweets. She just acts in most ways as a 2 year old. And that made me smile and really like Rita.
🥰 And I loved how Rita got resourceful when her family is kidnapped and she is all alone. She tries to think of a plan. Tries to make the best of the situation. And yes, sleeps in a soft play centre and steals the food there. XD
🥰 I loved that Rita never gave up. As a baby she cannot do all the things because well, you know how people would react seeing a tiny toddler/baby just walk around like that all alone. So she has to be creative. And that means being casually near an adult. Or find that one babysitter.
🥰 The villain was delightfully evil. Well-written. He is a crazy man. A very crazy man.
🥰 I loved finding out why Rita was so smart!
🥰 The other kids were interesting to read about, I had a laugh that they didn’t know anything about the real world. Internet? Netflix? McDonalds? OK, it was also sad, but for smart kids it was just funny to see them know about all sorts of subjects, but the world? Nope.
🥰 The Greensleeves tune.
🥰 The cover was a delight!
🥰 The ending was just fantastic!

😕 I would have LOVED to have some illustrations. I just felt like that really missed from the book. I kept looking for illustrations, finding none. I think the story would have been even better and would have been more interesting with the use of illustrations. I would have loved to see Rita on her mobility scooter. Or see the evil ice cream truck. No need to make illustrations of the clown though. XD
😕 The font. I think a more fun and playful font would have made it more fun. Now it felt a bit stiff and like made for a much older age group than I would think it is written for.

😡 NEVER EVER spoil a movie. I wanted to watch that movie, but I just haven’t had the time. There is so much coming out. But hey, thanks to you I don’t need to watch it now. Thanks. Really, we need to get out of the toxic attitude of that people need to watch x movie or series or play x game as soon as you can. Not to mention that this book is for kids. Who may not have seen the movie either due to other reasons, and now got spoiled on a BIG BIG thing. Why not just make up a movie and something else? Why not just say that he cried over a sad scene. Done.

All in in all, I am happy I found this book in the library and that I had the chance to read it! I am happy that there are genius characters who are fun and interesting!

Star rating, 3 stars

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