Review for Loki: A Bad God’s Guide to Taking the Blame

Review for Loki: A Bad God’s Guide to Taking the Blame

Loki: A Bad God’s Guide #2 Loki: A Bad God's Guide to Taking the Blame Louie Stowell, Children's Book, God, Goddess, Funny, Humour, Illustrations, Diary, Brother, Blue, DoodlesThe second book in the hilarious series about Loki being human and this time blame, more diary, tricks and pranks, and more! I laughed so much!

I had been eyeing this book for a while, but then I forgot about it gasp, but in November I remembered and bought and read it! So glad I did, this series remains a hoot!

A new diary! A new chance for Loki to prove himself! I just love the diary format and I love that the diary is sentient (that is the right word, right?). I loved seeing what Loki wrote down and that he also got so smart that he held some things away so he could be the one truly telling the story! I loved reading about Loki’s daily life as a human and loved seeing him still be Loki. But also a better Loki. If that makes sense. Haha. You see him still do pranks and at times do silly over the top things, but also see him figure out friendship, how things work, what are humans, what is this conscience he suddenly has, and more. It really makes him more rounded and shows that he isn’t just an evil trickster. Sure, he tries to say he is, but everyone can see that there is more to him. I loved that!

I did feel for Loki though. Yes, he is not always doing the right thing and at times he just doesn’t seem to understand everything, but to blame him for everything? The pranks, the stealing of the big hammer? That is definitely not going to help him become a better person. I am glad that Loki fully went for clearing his name… even if it meant going maybe a bit too far. Haha. But that is Loki for you.

The whole hammer and who or what did it? That one was an exciting time. Loki having all the suspects. Or well, who he thinks are suspect. I loved seeing him figure things out, and then there is a big epic battle near the end and things almost go all wrong. Of course, I had a feeling it would all be all right even though I did worry a bit. I mean, most children’s books still go for a happy ending or at least happy-ish. I don’t think it is as a spoiler. It is just how it goes. I was already absorbed in the book, but now I was even more. Rooting for all the characters. See Loki’s plans! See him work together!

I also loved that mention of spells and magic, and also loved what happened near the end. I guess we will see more of that in the next book and I cannot wait as it will be fun! And probably, given that it is Loki, chaotic. XD I hope he can handle things responsible even if it is tempting.

I thought the new student was sus, and while I had some thoughts on what and hows and whos I hadn’t expected THAT, haha, that was a fantastic twist and definitely made me smile. And then had a big laugh on how Loki made sure they were behaving, those are some strong oath. Remind me to not do oaths with Loki. XD

I wasn’t too happy with how Loki reacted to his only friend having another friend… but on the other hand I could also kind of understand him. His best friend was totally obsessed by this new friend and if that happened to me I would also feel lousy. Like, you are allowed to have a new friend, fine, but don’t neglect your other friends or just be so obsessed about your new friend it is all you can talk about. But I am happy how it all came together in the end. That was nice.

All in all, I had so much fun. A fun formatted book/diary format + great characters + gods/goddesses + magic + friendship + discovering yourself. All fun! This definitely made me laugh and that was just what I needed! I would recommend it and I look forward to the next book!

Star rating, 5 stars

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