Review for Ojisama to Neko/A Man and His Cat, Vol. 2

Review for Ojisama to Neko/A Man and His Cat, Vol. 2

A Man and His Cat, Vol. 2 Umi Sakurai, manga, cat, slice of life,The second volume of this series, thank you to myself for buying it for my birthday! This was super cute, fun and I loved it~

This volume was heartwarming, made me laugh, made me cry, and I loved every bit of it so so much! I loved seeing Kanda getting closer and closer to Fukumaru and see them have some cute, adorable, but also hilarious times (like when Kanda got that outfit or when Fukumaru gets it in his head and just jump-destroys the newspaper and runs away), I loved seeing Fukumaru search for Kanda, aka his daddy. See him try to comfort him, discover that angry has many faces and not all of them are bad, see him sleep with Kanda. SO CUTE! These two have just such a wonderful connection and I love those sweet and cute moments that Kanda is holding him, or holding his head against Fukumaru’s head.

I also loved that we got to see some of Kanda’s wife. Yes, my heart broke and I wanted to cry, but I am happy we got to see these moments. See how happy they were together. And see him work through the loss, see him think about his wife and those moments that they had together, be happy that he isn’t alone anymore. Yes, he has friends and colleagues but having someone at home to welcome you, comfort you, is something totally different.

And we also got a glimpse into his boyhood and my heart broke for him, I am happy that he has grown up to be such a loving and caring man and that he is now really picking for himself.

I liked that we also got to see some things from Fukumaru’s POV. Mostly good, but also the times when he was waiting to be adopted, curious what happened to his mom, why he was alone now. Those were sad. Thankfully, as I said, most of the moments were happy. Seeing Fukumaru discover the mirror for instance had me in stitches.

And I was happy that we also go to see friends and colleagues of Kanda.

The art is really fun! So cute! So adorable~

All in all, I really need to get book 3 soon. I guess by the time this review comes up (writing this in late Feb) I may have just done that. 🙂 I would recommend this series. It will make you feel all the feels~

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