Review for Princess Minna: The Enchanted Forest

Review for Princess Minna: The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest Kirsty Applebaum , Sahar Haghgoo, Princess, Prince, Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Illustrations, Dragons, Girl, Flying, PinkA magical adventure with tons of fun references to other stories~ And maybe one or two frustrations.

In this book we meet Minna, a kick-ass princess who loves going on adventure, help out others. She lives in the (aptly named) Castle Tall-Towers! I just loved how Minna, when she heard about the prince, went on an adventure. She didn’t let anything stop her. However, instead of going straight-away to the castle of our sleeping prince, she gets distracted by people (and animals) in help, all which referenced to fairy tales (which I absolutely loved, that was such a fun touch). But, while I loved that she helped, I mean, most people would just have gone by and not done it, so yay, but I agreed with her dragon, should she really stop for everyone? I mean, HELLO time limit and you still need to save a whole dang castle and cute prince!

BUT, I was very disappointed that Minna in the end did NOTHING. She is so tired tired tired.. yes, how come? Here I was looking for a GREAT freaking princess kicking butt and kissing princes instead of princes kissing princess, and she lets everyone she helped out do all the things. BORING. Such a disappointment. I just wanted to have her do at least something, but NOOOOOOOO. *sighs*

I did love that we got a Sleeping Beauty story, just a tiny bit different along with the princess… being a prince!

I loved the illustrations by Sahar Haghgoo! Those were just so fun and I love the style~

All in all, despite the disappointment I will still give it 4.5 stars, Minna is a fun character and I love her fantasy world!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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