Review for Restart After Growing Hungry / Neu anfangen und glücklich sein

Review for Restart After Growing Hungry / Neu anfangen und glücklich sein

Restart After #2 Neu anfangen und glücklich sein Cocomi, LGBT, Romance, Manga, Cute, Snow, HugThe boys are getting closer and are making bigger steps in their relationship~ Plus, just TALK people!

Mitsuomi and Yamato are back! And this is the last book in their series, and I will miss the boys, but after everything in this book? I am happy we got to that point and that they have gotten their happy ending. And no, I don’t see that as a spoiler because HELLO? It is obvious from the get-go.

It is the second book and we see how Mitsuomi is fitting in more and more in the village. How he is picking up for his dad, learning the ropes of funeral home, that he is opening up to the clients and talking to them (something that past-Mitsuomi would have a hard time with), we see that he gets asked for some photography stuff by Yamato. I was just so happy for Mitsuomi, see him become happier. And then there is the whole partnership, he wants to go further with his relationship, really solidify it, and I loved that he (thanks to his mom I believe) figured out things, searched for things, and tried to see if Yamato wanted it as well.

However, I would have liked Yamato to  TALK more. We do get a chapter in his POV which helped me with some issues. Like, that we see that he is all up for that partnership with Mitsuomi, but that he is just worried about expressing his feelings. That this is all quite new to him. But I would have liked for THEM to just talk. Mitsuomi is really insecure about things, especially since he can clearly feel Yamato taking a bit of a backstep at times. Yes, he is kissing more, but if a guy doesn’t want to talk those kisses are nice, but are not enough to soothe over things. I am glad that eventually they had a talk and that they were able to figure things out, I was really worried at moments. I knew that a happy end would happen, but when? How?

But there is a lot of good in this book and I was just so enjoying reading it. I love that, even though there is a bit of GET TO TALKING ALREADY, the boys are fine and trust each other. I mean, Mitsuomi has two people visiting (in a way for one) that could have made someone jealous (because that is what happens in romance often), but instead Yamato trusted Mitsuomi and even called him later in the evening.

I loved the later chapters in which they do that partnership + even get something extra. I was just crying tears. Really. It was just so beautiful and I was just so happy for these guys that they found happiness together and that they are having a great time together.

I am also happy to see Harada and his wife (and later adorable baby).

The art is still so freaking pretty. I just love how soft everything is. How well it fits with the mood. How things are still swoony without too much stuff happening. Love love it.

All in all, I would highly recommend this duology to all and I cannot wait to see what is next for Cocomi!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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