Review for Sheepology – The Ultimate Encyclopedia

Review for Sheepology – The Ultimate Encyclopedia

Sheepology: The Ultimate Encyclopedia Ilaria Demonti , Camilla Pintonato, Non-Fiction, Children's Book, Sheep, Cute, IllustrationsI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

After chickens and pigs we have a new animal, this time sheep! I was just so hyped about it because I knew I would love this book! Plus, hello, sheep are cute! I wanted to learn more about them!

In this book we learn all about sheep! With a fun introduction featuring a fun fact that if you wanted to count all the sheep you would have to count to 1.2 billion, dang, I hope people fall asleep faster than that, haha. We get a fun passport on sheep and all the differences between them. I was indeed already wondering why not all sheep have tails, but apparently that is a thing that differs between sheep kinds. And then we learn about various distant relatives and how the first ancestors of sheep took their first steps to how they started to live with humans and get domesticated. And I learned that sheep can apparently also snort, which I kind of want to hear now. XD I could tell you all what is in this book, but I will just keep it short because otherwise this will just be a summary and not a review, there is a lot more in this 80 page book and I just soaked it all up. Quite a few facts I knew, but this book dives deep into sheep and shows us not just the basics but all the things as most children’s books do! And also tells us about things surrounding the sheep, like shepherds or enemies (and I didn’t know that llamas were used to fend of predators, haha, but it also doesn’t surprise me), but also wool and cheese. Mm, now I am hungry for some cheese.

I also learned a new word Transhumance. I am not sure if what the sheep shepherds here do is the same, after all they don’t go up and down (not much going up or down here), but they do graze at various places in various seasons. They take care of the grass near waters, parks, and some other places in my town. Sometimes you will see a whole herd of them near the grasses just on the border of the town, sometimes you walk in the park and there they are in their own fenced off big area. I just adore it and look forward to it, even trying to make a quest out of it. Will I find the sheep this time on my walk? Or bicycle ride?

Just like with the two other books I really really enjoyed the art, it was just so pretty!

I cannot wait for the next book. Cows? Horses? Goats? Rabbits? Oh please, please, let there be more books like this one! I just cannot get enough!

I would highly recommend this wonderfully illustrated and full to the brim of facts book to all, sheep-lovers and people who want to know more about animals will love this book (and also the others in the series).

Star rating, 5 stars

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