Review for Sherlock Bones and the Case of the Crown Jewels

Review for Sherlock Bones and the Case of the Crown Jewels

Sherlock Bones and the Case of the Crown Jewels  Tim Collins ,  John Bigwood, Mystery, Animals, Fun, Children's Book, Sherlock Holmes, Jewels, Theft, PuzzlesSherlock Bones and his assistant Catson are on the case! Here to find jewels, carrots, and more!

I came across this book in the library, it was Dutch, but it looked so fun that in the evening I went online to Amazon to get the book! I needed it! And I am happy I did because this was just too much fun!

In this one we go to a very different Sherlock Holmes story, this time his name is Sherlock Bones and he is a dog. His assistant is a girl cat named Catson. Yep! And everyone in the world is animals of all sorts. I thought at first maybe just cats/dogs, given that is what we read about at first, but quite soon we meet with all sorts of animals from rabbits/bunnies to squirrels to foxes and more! It was really fun and I also really liked Sherlock. Normally, Sherlock isn’t really my cup of tea, I mean, I love his mysteries, but the man himself, LORD. But this Sherlock is actually a fun one and really tries to help out. OK, there are still some parts where you could see the real Sherlock peep out, but not that much.

We get to see the whole mystery unfold through Sherlock’s assistant, a cat named Catson! I loved that Catson was at times so Watson, but at other times totally not. I loved how despite having eaten a bit much they could still run and still pounce on criminals trying to flee! I really liked the character of Catson.

And the mystery, GOOD LORD, that was so much fun! We see Sherlock and Catson go to the Queen’s palace, follow a trail, and keep finding new suspects for the whole mystery. Yep, I had quickly my suspicion on who it could be, I mean, one was really sus. But it still took some puzzling. Each time you thought that maybe this would be the suspect, boom, another lead is found and we are on to that. I have to say my favourite suspects were the Poodle and the Bunny/Rabbit. Especially the rabbit/bunny given all that he did and had done, which includes something scary/spooky. It was just very exciting.

And the ending was just perfect! Really liked that one~

And oh dear, those little puppies. I get why the inspector is letting them do things, but at times… I just wanted him to get that this is not working out! They were cute though, the puppies that is.

I loved that we got puzzles along with the story! I really adored the puzzles. Didn’t always do them as I would lose track of the story (thanks ADHD) but I did quite a few of them. I loved the variety. From puzzling pieces together to mazes and finding tiaras!

All in all, I definitely need more of this one. Love a Sherlock who isn’t too annoying, a Catson who kicks ass, and a fun mystery with plenty of suspects so you will be on your toes all the way.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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