Review for Snow Fairy

Review for Snow Fairy

Snow Fairy  Tomo Serizawa, LGBT, Romance, Cute, Snow, Winter, Grandparents, Sweet, Adult, Blue, Men, Feelings, Dual POVI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review~

So excited that there was more manga on Netgalley in Feb/March! I was a bit worried about this one though, before this one I tried reading another yaoi manga, but it just left me feeling icky and not happy. I was hoping that this one would be more adult, more mature, have people talk, nothing forced. And it was! It was very sweet.

😍 That we got to see from both sides. We see Haruki and we see Narumi and I just adored that. How they both think about the situation (Narumi staying with Haruki), but also about other topics.
😍 How they got closer and closer. At first it seems it is mostly Narumi who wants to take the initiative and wants to see if Haruki is interested, but at times we also see how Haruki is feeling about things, and I loved that. I did feel for Narumi, he really has to hold himself in, he just wants to hold Haruki’s hand, or just give him a hug, but Haruki is not into that/still not open enough for that. I loved that Narumi respected that, though he did give us some adorable faces as he pouted.
😍 How much photography ran as a thread through the story. Not just Narumi, as he is a photographer, but also see what it means to Haruki when he finds some old equipment of his dads and how that changes his perspective and all that. Plus, I loved the photographs from Haruki’s
😍 How deep it got and I loved that both of them thought about the other, and not just in the OMG I love him, but also thought about things deeper. I love it when a yaoi is just more mature, more adult, more about thoughts and building a relationship instead of what yaoi still often is. Forced proximity, rape, forcefulness. I just love it when yaoi go like this one, or My Policeman, or Restart duology by Cocomi. Adult men, talking, thinking about each other, taking it slow, respecting the others wishes. And then figuring out that HECK yes, we have feelings for each other!
😍 I just loved how they discovered their feelings and how they let the other party know. Narumi’s was just so sweet, that fitted so well with him, and I was so proud of Haruki when he dared to open up. That must have been tough for him, so I was just excited!
😍 Plus, that they didn’t go further! I mean, they share a bed and a kiss, but nothing more and that made me happy. So many yaoi just speed up or go way too fast, but it fits so much better with these two to take it slow.
😍 Haruki’s backstory just broke my heart. I mean, we knew he lost his parents, but to read how? 😭 And that is also is connected with why he never left his town. And how people would love it for Narumi to try to get Haruki to open up and take him outside. Away from it all.
😍 The art was just so fun, and I love the style! It is cute, fun, playful, and definitely shows the chemistry between the characters.
😍 Grandma and her cat Pooh deserve a mention. I just loved grandma and Pooh was adorable~
😍 THAT COVER! OMG. So pretty!
😍 An epilogue? UM YES PLEASE!

All in all, this was a sweet, wonderful, adorable, mature and adult, manga! Featuring guys who talk, take things easy, and gorgeous art and scenery. RECOMMNENDED.

Star rating, 5 stars

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