Review for Sunbeams in the Sky, Vol.1

Review for Sunbeams in the Sky, Vol.1

Sunbeams in the Sky, Vol. 1 Monika Kaname, Manga, Twins, Assault, Pretending, Switching, Boy, Girl, Falling in LoveI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review!

In this book, after a terrible assault (yes, it is definitely not a silly little unfortunate incident), Himari doesn’t dare to go to school. But there is her twin, who by giving some excuse is able to convince her sister to go to school and pretend to be her. At first I found it a bit pushy and was wondering why, but then I could see why and I really liked it. I actually liked that Mio tried to get Himari out of her shell again, tried making her see that life wasn’t always scary but had some fun moments as well. I loved seeing Himari act like Mio and see her try to figure things out again. Try not to swoon over the cute boy next to her (Tsukiyono) and instead pretend to be Mio and thus root for a guy named Asaka. Which just made me laugh as she was just so unconvincing. XD

But HOW did no one (well except the best friend and I do have a suspicion that Tsukiyono KNOWS) tell that this is someone different who looks like Mio. I mean, Mio is bubbly, over the top, cannot bake for life, giggly, enthusiastic. Himari however is mature, loves to bake, is serious, and thanks to the whole assault part, is also quite shy and fearful at times. I mean, if the twins were the same in everything I would see this go right, but now? I am even sure that the grades will also be different if there are tests. Sorry, Mio. XD I think it would have been fun if, in this first volume, we had the guys notice and others as well, but go with it.

I do hope that Himari is able to work out her feelings for Tsukiyono, especially since Mio’s best friend is also in love with him. I do think that Himari and Tsukiyono would fit together so well and I kind of would like to see them get together. Have him be a listening ear for when things aren’t working, help her discover the joy again (just like Mio is doing for Himari).

I really liked the art of this one, especially the designs of the twins. But also the reaction faces of the characters, some are just gold.

HOWEVER: “When Himari decides to stay home from school due to an unfortunate incident,” when I read that I thought that maybe she embarrassed herself badly, like I don’t know, her skirt got stuck and she flashed her panties on incident, or maybe she accidentally had a bad science test and things went a bit messy. Something like that. But instead what we get is NOT an unfortunate incident. IT IS FUCKING FULL ASSAULT. She is beat up by several boys, only saved because someone passed that alley, and ends up in the fucking hospital and throughout the book we see her struggle. She has at least one flashback, but we see panic attacks and anxiety as well. We see that while she looks OK again physically, inside it is messed up.

I am kind of curious how the story will continue and if either boy will notice (again how do they not) and if Himari will be able to be honest and go to school again normally!

Star rating, 3 stars

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