Review for The Wild

Review for The Wild

The Wild: The World's Most Spectacular Untamed Places Claudia Martin, Travelling, Nature, Non-Fiction, Photograph, The World, Nature, Beautiful I received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review!

I just CANNOT resist gorgeous and beautiful books in which we travel around the world! With gorgeous and epic photographs! And this is it!

In this gorgeous book we travel all over the world from Africa to Europe to America and see all sorts of gorgeous landscapes, animals, and wild wild places. We see gorgeous volcanoes, either active or not, we see deserts (my head wanted to write desserts for some reason) and plains, we read about various gorgeous locations, and truly? Throughout the book I just wanted to step inside and wander around, see it for real. Get close to some of the most gorgeous places on Earth. I found some new places I would love love to visit. Like, Cordilerra Huyahuash in Peru or the Pohutu Geyser in New Zealand. I also loved that each photography had a little bit of information about what was on the photograph + that we got an intro for each continent. I didn’t read them all (I need to confess, sorry, but my ADHD just gets a bit distracted), but again, I do love that they were added because at times I just needed to know what I was seeing and where we are.

As with all these photography books, not sure what is up with that, the quality wasn’t always the best, but I am hoping that the real product will be perfect.

One complaint, I would have loved to see more. At times it felt like continents just passed by very soon. Especially Europe felt like it just passed by in a flash while I know there are so many more wild places!

All in all, if you want to travel but save up on the costs (+ make it all better for the planet) be sure to check out this gorgeous book.

Star rating, 4 stars

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