Review for Vampire Baby!

Review for Vampire Baby!

Vampire Baby! Elias Barks , Zoe Persico , Picture Book, Vampire, Ghosts, Cute, Children's Book, Castle, Picture BookI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So back in December I read Krampus Baby!  and really really enjoyed it! I had spotted several more insert mythical/cryptid Baby! books and I knew I needed them all in my life! So, for March I bought Vampire Baby! to read and enjoy! And BOY, I had fun!

In this delightful book we follow Vampire Baby! We see him wander through the castle, say hi to his friends, get startled by a concert given by a banshee and a ghost, see him visit the library room, which btw I needed so badly, that armchair looked so comfy and I want to know what kind of books were in the library! And so we spend a whole night with vampire baby. I loved wandering through the castle, but also go outside and meet some gargoyles and other creatures. And I loved opening up the flaps and discover all sorts of fun things! See monsters hidden!

The ending was a cute one! I hope that Vampire Baby has a good sleep~

The art by Zoe Persico remains my favourite. It is such a fun style and I love how she draws the monsters/cryptid, but also their surroundings. There are so many details and I love how cute it all is.

I also love that the flaps are a bit stronger/sturdier than the normal open-the-flap books, though I think that kids may need some help because the first time is a bit tough. XD But once you got them open once they open up easier.

All in all, I think I am either getting Nessie or Mothman next! Well, OK, by the time this review pops up I will probably have bought either one or both of them, haha, writing this mid-March. I would highly recommend this fun book (and series) to everyone in love with mythical beings/monsters/cryptids!

Star rating, 5 stars

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