Review for We’re Going on a Goon Hunt

Review for We’re Going on a Goon Hunt

We're Going on a Goon Hunt Michael Rex, Spooky, Ghosts, Monsters, Family, Picture Book, Children's BooksThis time we aren’t going on a Bear Hunt, oh no! We are hunting Goons~

I first tried reading my Dutch copy of the book, but just decided to get the English text from a Youtube video as the translation just didn’t make sense. A goon isn’t a ghost, it is a creature/monster. At least from what I know and from what I could see in this book. There were sentences in the Dutch one that just didn’t make one iota of sense. It felt like a hurry job instead of a good translation. I was almost about to give up on it, so I am glad that I was able to listen to the right audio and scroll along with the pages. Because I was watching the read along on my phone and I want to enjoy those lovely illustrations!

In this one we follow a family of 5, 4 kids and a dad. They are all dressed in their nicest outfits. From a pirate to a cute unicorn onesie to a werewolf. They are all ready for a fun adventure finding a goon! But they will definitely find more as the journey continues! It leads them through all sorts of spooky places! Swamps that are stinky and sticky and eww and have something big and green living there. Graveyards with extra sounds and spooky inhabitants. It was such a delight to flip the pages and see what was happening next. And I loved it even more that the last place was a big old house with loads of creaky steps, scary scratches, and other noises. Plus, something else. Oh yes!

I loved that we got some sound effects along the way. From whisper groans to gurgle hiss!

The ending was just a hoot! I laughed so hard!

Though, um did they leave behind their youngest? Because in the last picture that one isn’t around any more. XD

The art was really fun and I loved the style! The monsters and creepy creatures are all drawn perfectly.

All in all, this was oodles of fun. And I may just re-read it for Halloween again! Well, the Youtube video that is, I am not touching the Dutch translation.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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