Smash or Pass- Book Tropes!!

Smash or Pass- Book Tropes!!

Afternoon all!

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A very happy welcome to a new Book Tag and a new Smash or Pass type!

A few months ago in January I did the normal Bookish Smash or Pass (see post here) and I had so much fun! I was planning on doing this post in February, but well, life got in between and here we are in April. Haha. I finally had some time in between everything to get this post up and ready~ And this was just oodles of fun to do, some tropes I instantly knew to PASS or SMASH, but some I had to scratch my head and think about a bit more. This tag was just the right thing for me to do at this moment, the puppy is settling in, but we are now trying to get her to sleep downstairs.. and it is a bit of a struggle at times. Plus, she is a bit naughty at times. Haha.

I found this tag over at Mauve Mumblings and also used their images! I wasn’t sure if I should or not, so I just went with using them~ Be sure to check out their answers and also be sure to participate in this delightful tag!


Oh yes, SMASH! I love this one! I love seeing two people who are not into each other find out that the other party isn’t so bad. Is actually quite nice/sweet/fun to be around. Or has qualities they didn’t expect but love. SIGN ME UP!

Oh, SMASH SMASHITY! I love this trope so much. Seeing two people who have been friends for so long find each other and fall in love? YES!!!!

SMASS? I do think it can work, but it really depends per book. Like most of the Harlequin manga I read I would say Pass, but I have read some other adult/NA books were it worked.

Had to think about this one, but I think I remember a book that had this one and I liked it. So Smash~Β  It adds a sense of danger to the story and that is great~

FUCK NO. PASSSSSSSS! PASSS! *throws a table after the trope for good measure* I hate it when this happens and it seems to happen in most adult romance books. Suddenly two fantastic people in a fantastic relationship stop knowing how to talk and drama drama drama. No thank you.

This can work, but I am going for Smass as I am just not entirely sure about it.

PASSSSSSSSSSSS! I hate love triangles. I have seen a couple that work, but for most it is not what I want to see.

Oh yes! SMASH. Well, OK, provided that the grump isn’t too grumpy. I have had a few books with grumps that were just so annoying and so beyond all that I just wanted to punch them. But a good G/S story with a grump who is just a tad grumpy, sign me up! I love those~

Yes, SMASH! I love those. Especially since I can relate quite a bit with that. My parents, well, my mom especially is not the easiest (understatement of the year here though), and I really found a new family in my family-in-law (a bit less now due to various things), but back whenΒ  my relationship had started and we were together for a bit, I found that I got so much more support and love from my now-hubby’s family. They talked to me, they rooted for me, they asked about things I did, and there is more. So I just love it when characters in books find a new family as well. Like in the Nevermoor series or Harry Potter (yes, I have to mention that, I am so sorry) or Yesterday Crumb series.

Eh, generally not a fan of that. So pass. I mean, it can work, but for most I would just let the characters slowly discover each other and fall in love.

Fucking HARD PASS. EWW. I have been bullied for a part of my life and let me tell you, dating THOSE peeps? NO. EWW. FUCK NO. Sorry. But this is just wrong.

Eh, depends. So Smass? I mean, I don’t want any forbidden love like sibling/family love or dating peeps who are in a relationship, but I wouldn’t mind it if it is between two rival gangs (like Romeo/Juliet), dating your boss, two people who shouldn’t be together according to friends/society (due to religious reasons or other) but are making it work.

OH OH, SMASH! I love that trope so much, it is so much fun. Especially when the two start off as not too happy about the situation and then fall in love!

Smash SMASH SMASH. I love that! Seeing two people getting another shot at romance. Finding happiness! YES! Sign me up!

Oh, SMash! That is definitely a trope I can live with all day~!

I still think this one is pretty much like enemies to lovers, haha, or I have been reading the wrong rival books. XD But I will go for Smash!


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