What I Hope To Read May 2023

What I Hope To Read May 2023

Good day all~

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A warm welcome to a new What I Hope to Read! It is almost May and what new releases do I hope to read?

Wow, where did April go? I am writing this on the 24th and seriously scratching my head on how the hell a whole month just flashed by. LORD, I really need to think of a gift for my hubby and my anniversary in June. Before that one is here without me knowing. Haha.
April was well, I don’t know, it flew by? Coco, our cute puppy, is growing up well and when this one goes online we will have had our first live lesson of puppy training. She has days of complete angel behaviour and other days that she is just the devil. But according to everyone this should be fine, typical puppy stuff. I am still overwhelmed but feeling a bit better, it definitely helps having a sweet hubby. Next to cute puppy getting all the love (really, everyone wants to squee, pet, cuddle, say hi to her), it was a month of April weather, library visits, gardening because it is now the season and so I got some new plants. No baking, which feels weird as I normally bake once or twice a week if I can. But things just haven’t been OK with my head along with the fact that my hubby is now home all the time again, instead of 2 days at work and 3 at home. I would have to chase him from downstairs so I can get to the oven. And that just doesn’t feel right. 🙈 But I hope to bake a bit tomorrow when it is King’s Day, which is a free day. We got some plans, but I can also get in some baking!

Reading-wise? A good good month. My slump is still lurking a bit, but I have managed to beat it off for most so that is good. I read quite a bit of manga this month. Haha, I am so glad that I got so many manga still to read thanks to that Kodansha-promo.

As for the releases in April? I read one! Audrey Covington! The others? Not so much. I thought Vamps was a Dutch book given the name Nicole Arend, but apparently it is an English book, so I would rather get the original. As for the others… well some didn’t come out until the later half of April. And then there is the fact that others are just too expensive.. and I kinda went through my budget already. Haha. Amazon had some good deals on books I had had my eyes on for a while and waves bye to her budget. Once more, I don’t mind it, this post is just to list my interest in what comes out in the month, and of course I do hope that I get to read them and if that happens in that month it is fantastic, but I also don’t mind getting a book I really wanted later on.

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