Excerpt Tour ~ Lords in Love: Matching the Marquess by Darcy Burke

Excerpt Tour ~ Lords in Love: Matching the Marquess by Darcy Burke

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Lords in Love: Matching the Marquess by Darcy Burke, Romance, Historical Fiction, Dual POV, Man, Woman, Kiss

A happy HELLO and WELCOME to the Excerpt Tour for Lords in Love (book 4): Matching the Marquess by Darcy Burke! I just couldn’t resist when I saw the sign-up for this book. That cover! That blurb! Yes PLEASE! swoons

For today’s post I got an exclusive excerpt along with book/author information. Plus, there is a giveaway! The author will be giving away the first two books in the Wicked Dukes Club Series, open international!

Let’s get this tour started~ does a happy dance

Lords in Love: Matching the Marquess by Darcy Burke, Romance, Historical Fiction, Dual POV, Man, Woman, KissBenjamin Nash, Marquess of Creslow, must marry, for he is the last of the family line. Desirous of a business arrangement instead of a love match, he hires a matchmaker, but on the way to the May Day festival where he will meet her, as well as his matches, he encounters an alluring lady who may suit him perfectly…

After her husband’s death left her a pauper, Rebecca Sweet relied on family for help and in return guided two of them to successful marriages. Engaged with her first real client, she plans to present him a gaggle of young ladies eager to wed. But when she realizes the marquess is the same dashing gentleman she met on the way to the festival, the task becomes far more complicated. Attraction simmers between them, however Nash wants a loveless marriage and Rebecca would only wed again for love. She must find him a bride before she loses her heart forever.

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About the author:

Darcy Burke, Smile, Blonde Hair, Grass/Nature, Author, PhotographUSA Today Bestselling Author Darcy Burke loves history, her family, and cats (not in that in that order). She’s published over fifty captivating, compelling historical and contemporary romance novels and novellas. It all started with The Magic Swan when she was 11 years old, a happily ever after about a swan addicted to magic and the female swan who loved him—with exceedingly poor illustrations. She still has plenty of ideas and writes (it seems) constantly in between hanging with her family, playing games, listening to the Dave Matthews Band, bingeing period TV shows, and chilling with her seven rescue cats.

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The innkeeper’s wife’s gaze moved to the staircase. “Ah, here is Mrs. Sweet. I’ll leave you to it.” She swept away, and Nash rose to greet his matchmaker.

The moment his gaze met hers, he nearly choked on his own inhalation.

This was Mrs. Sweet?

This was the woman who’d invaded his dreams, who’d made it impossible for him to find more than the most basic satisfaction with another woman. Not completing their night together was one of the greatest regrets of his life.

“You.” That was the only word he could manage apparently.

She, on the other hand, did not look surprised to see him. A serene smile lifted her pink lips. “Good afternoon, Lord Creslow. It’s a pleasure to see you again.”

Her blue eyes looked over him but didn’t linger, as if she quickly assessed what she saw and found it merely adequate. Instead of the plait she’d sported that night in the library, her red hair was coiled into a prim style. She wore a smooth expression, her ivory complexion accented with a few freckles on the bridge of her nose. Dressed in a smart but simple gray frock trimmed in green, she appeared appropriately business-like. And yet, he kept picturing her in that lavender dressing gown. Now he was recalling how he’d pushed the garment apart so he could more easily access her lush body. Hell. He was becoming aroused. This would not do.

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